End of Summer Awards 2022: Nominations & Voting

With the end of August drawing near, this could mean one thing only, the End of Summer Awards are here! As tradition, it is time for your say, as you vote on everything army-related, giving leaders, troops and community staff the recognition that they deserve!

Summer in the Club Penguin Army Community is known to be one most active times of the year for armies, as schools close for the holiday. Just like previous years, the Summer of 2022 did not disappoint, as it has proved to be a historic yet busy time for all. July begun with the community witnessing a momentous moment, as Club Penguin Army Headquarters and Club Penguin Army Network closed their doors, helping to reunite the community under Club Penguin Armies. Weeks later, the launch of a Universal Server Map welcomed various war declarations as the summer fever hit the army community, causing an increase of battles and news.

The following nominations consider the achievements and actions of individuals and armies during the eventful Summer of 2022. Just like previous votes before, we encourage you not to view this as a popularity contest, but instead vote based on the events of the last few months.

2022 Summer awards

 Biggest Army

With the community bidding a farewell to Club Penguin Rewritten, armies had to battle a sudden change of CPPS. Furthermore, they had to maintain their troops whilst Club Penguin Battleground fought through their beta testing, causing unpredictable lag and cancelled battles. In addition, many armies experienced a fight to sustain their major army status during these unprecedented times. Which of these armies do you think has continued to show such dominance in the community, despite all the unexpected setbacks?


  • Templars
  • Ice Warriors
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Water Vikings
  • Help Force

Best major army leader

Leaders of a Major Army have masses of responsibility upon their shoulders, they are not only responsible for leading their army to battle, but ensuring that their community continues to be a place that one wants to be in. A great leader has the ability to show respect to those who they may work with and to also those that they do not. They are someone who plays a key role in guaranteeing the future survival of their army. Which of these leaders have you seen help others with these qualities?


  • Xing
  • Cabin
  • Racecar
  • Wynn
  • Snowy
  • Link3000
  • F6sixer
  • Aaronstone
  • Pjayo
  • Kally
  • IceQueen


The role of an S/M Army Leader is undoubtedly one of most important within the community. They help an army to reach important milestones such as first battle, first war, to reaching the Top Ten. The first step of every army is as a member of the S/M community, where the knowledge and experience of a leader helps to set the path for the future of an army.


  • Zeus
  • Coolguy
  • Legoman
  • Bull Hour
  • Pandor
  • Revan
  • Greeny

Best Higher Command

No matter how great a leader may be, no army would be able to function without the support and dedication of a Higher Command team. They can be found assisting the leaders, organizing events or interacting with troops to make them feel welcome. They are most often known as the backbone of an army.


  • Levelz (Ice Warriors)
  • Yvng (Rebel Penguin Federation)
  • Mayathefirst (Help Force)
  • Dino (Water Vikings)
  • Oreo (Templars)
  • Ryebread (Special Weapons and Tactics)
  • Mac (Lime Green Army)
  • Trinity (Animal Kingdom)
  • Greg / Gaystation.deb (Mercenaries)
  • Alex (Ninjas)
  • Toxic Storm (Strawhats)
  • Sebassotoo (Army of Club Penguin)

Most Achieved

The title of Most Achieved is awarded upon an individual who has had the largest impact on the future of the community throughout the summer. They have played a crucial role in the community, helping to improve it, from giving the armies a new home to battle on, to breaking news records, and increasing the activity of the community with wars. Who do you think has had the biggest influence on the future of the community this summer?


  • Superhero123
  • Xing
  • Link3000

Biggest Retirement 

As Autumn draws near, we bid farewell not only to summer but also to multiple well-known individuals who have decided that it is time to retire from the life of armies. This award is to recognise the retiree that has changed the community the most during their time in armies.


  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Kingfunks4
  • Kally
  • F6sixer
  • Bull Hour

Biggest Rise

With the multiple army and game closures it is easy to forget about the positives within the community. However, throughout the Summer many armies have captured the attention of the community, from winning a tournament, to an increase in the Top Ten rankings.


  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Lime Green Army
  • Water Vikings


The welcome return of a Server Map saw the activity of the community increase. As armies begun to re-find their purpose, various conflicts broke out across the community. The Best Conflict is not just based on the quality of battles, but also on the long term affect on the community.


  • Summer Sovereignty War (Templars vs. Rebel Penguin Federation)
  • Ninjas vs. Water Vikings and Secret Service
  • Templars vs. Lime Green Army
  • Mercs vs. Red Ravagers
  • Magma Clan vs. Mercs

Most Controversial Moment

It comes to no surprise that this Summer the community has witnessed multiple controversial moments. Regardless of the drama caused by these moments, all of them influence the future one way or the other, however, sometimes not for the best. Therefore, this award is for everyone to pick their favourite controversial moment of the Summer.


  • SWAT Using CP Forever
  • League Vote on RPF-TCP War Legitimacy
  • The Chaos of the Beach Brawl II
  • Templars Surrender War to RPF

Best Reporter

Reporters go above and beyond, by putting time aside to ensure that the community is always updated with the latest events. They have become Club Penguin’s equivalent to Lady Whistledown, providing the community with all of the latest gossip, such as, retirements, promotions, and wars in their top quality posts.


  • Sophie
  • Mchappy
  • Comedy
  • Disha
  • Action
  • Scorpion Demon
  • Zay
  • Ru Emma
  • Ryebread

Post of the Summer

As the drama continued  throughout the community, the media team were there to bring us the latest updates and opinions. Therefore, which post did you find the most controversial or interesting to read this Summer?


Best Graphics Designer

The Graphic Designers without a doubt are one of the most hard working members of the community. Without them, armies wouldn’t have eye-catching websites to invite in new troops, there wouldn’t be any custom penguins, nor any designs for our media posts. All of these designers work day and night to ensure that the community does not go without.


  • Dino
  • Frostty
  • Master DS
  • Subster
  • Koloway
  • Zamb

Best Judge

The Judges also play an extremely important part in the survival of the community. From putting just 30 minutes aside out of their day, they are ensuring that tournaments go ahead, and that the map continues to thrive. In addition, their feedback also guides armies on how they could improve, helping them in future scenarios. The following judges were hand selected by the Head Judges.


  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Wynn
  • Disha
  • Sanya

Best Head Judge

The Head Judges have certainly not had a quiet summer, as they welcomed the creation of Club Penguin Army Judges earlier this year. The actions of a Head Judge is unknown to many, essentially they are the admins of judging. Their duties vary from overseeing all judging activities, to the hiring of judges, and making sure that all battles go ahead. They most certainly play a major role in ensuring the activity of the community.


  • Spotty
  • Yvng
  • AustinFraud
  • Paddy
  • P0Pcorny
  • Lightningmcj

Best Chief Executive Producer 

The CEPs hold the most important role within the community. They are responsible for the maintenance of the media and Top Ten, additionally they also assist with Board Meetings, inputting when required, and help organise community events and tournaments. Who do you think is the best in making sure that Club Penguin Armies is ran at the greatest possible standard?


  • Orange
  • Spotty
  • Luciferstar
  • Max
  • DMT
  • Crazzy

Brightest Bulb

No award ceremony could take place without recognizing the community’s Brightest Bulbs. This award is for the well-known members of our community that have the most unique opinions and the most lively of personalities. The community would definitely not be the same without them.


  • Da Best
  • Prince Ninja
  • Thunder
  • Ronaldo
  • Raticide

How to Vote

The CPA End of Summer Awards will be voted on using Google Forms. When voting, you will be required to log into your Gmail account, to ensure that we do not receive any duplicate votes. However, we will NOT have any access to what Gmail accounts completed the form, your information will stay completely anonymous. Regardless, we encourage you not to use your personal email, and instead recommend using an alternative Club Penguin specific Gmail account to vote.

>> The Google Form can be accessed HERE. <<

The voting for the End of Summer Awards 2022 will last thirteen days. The vote closed at 3:00 PM EST on Friday, August 26th.

End of Summer Gala and Awards Ceremony 

With the first Summer of a newly unified community coming to an end, CP Armies are pleased to announce that we will celebrate with an End of Summer Gala and Awards Ceremony on Saturday 27th August at 3pm EST.

Mark you calendars ready, and find your date, as the Community Committee bring us an afternoon of fun-filled activities, which Special Gala Awards, including the results of this year’s End of Summer Awards. It is certainly a party not to be missed!

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