Pjayo Sets Sail from the Water Vikings

After 4 months in the Water Vikings’ leadership, Pjayo steps down into an advisory position. His retirement was accompanied by an inspirational “Change Da World” post.

Pjayo started his army career in 2010 as a troop of the Army of Club Penguin. Over the years, Pjayo tried out many armies, such as the DoritosDark WarriorsLight Troops, and many others. He even created his own army, the Dragons, who ultimately merged with the Water Vikings, in which he received a leadership position in the summer of 2014. Having briefly led the Doritos as well, Pjayo then became a Water Viking advisor in 2015.

In 2020, he first revived the Shadow Troops, after which he found the Golden Guardians and then moved on to revive the Water Vikings for a new generation. With the revival, he returned to Viking leadership until July 2020. He then led once more between September and December to support in war against Special Weapons and Tactics.

Water Vikings’ return event in May 2020

After over a year of retirement, on April  19th, 2022, Pjayo announced his decision to return to the Water Vikings’ Leadership. In his return interview, he expressed his wish to “bring WV back together” and to bring Water Vikings a Legends Cup win this summer. Due to the tournament being postponed indefinitely, Pjayo then decided to step down from the position. He describes not wanting to be a leader if he is “not taking an active role.”

First thanking his co-leaders and leaders in training for their successes, such as their 2nd place in one of the recent top tens, he then moved on to mention the current status of armies. Linking to a proposal written by himself, Pjayo asks the reader to consider why he wants the community and armies to change. More about his thoughts can be read in his retirement post on the Water Vikings website.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Pjayo for an exclusive interview to learn more about his decision to step down.

Why did you decide to retire?

My main reasoning for retiring was down to time; which I don’t really have much of. Anyone in WV would be able to tell you that I wasn’t really active at all regarding events as is, so with everything coming up I decided I should call my leave.

Would you return to the Water Vikings if Legends Cup takes place in October?

Fingers crossed but it’s unlikely.

What was your biggest challenge whilst leading and how did you overcome it?

Biggest challenge was easily trying to dig water Vikings out of its little funk, thankfully it kinda worked out, even if it wasn’t really my doing.

What is your proudest accomplishment during your time as leader?

Biggest accomplishment is easily giving Xing anxiety, it is very entertaining.

In your retirement post, you provided your vision for the army community. Do you think the community has progressed in a similar manner you proposed?

Honestly not really. My general vision is a lot more hands off, as personally im under the belief that the league system really isn’t built for armies at large – they require far more chaos and less organizational focus. Naturally it’s supposed to be a LOT more combative and in that regard I have to commend xing for being incredibly focused on warfare, however the system doesn’t lend to it. I do believe though that should CPA fail that it’s increasingly likely that someone will step in and use a more “news” approach in the same realm as CPAC.

With Pjayo’s retirement, the Water Vikings will surely feel his absence. What’s next for the Water Vikings post-Pjayo? How will the Water Vikings succeed without him?

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