F6sixer Steps Away From Rebel Penguin Federation Leadership

After a year of victories and achievements, Rebel Penguin Federation leader F6sixer has announced his retirement. 

Created in 2007, the Rebel Penguin Federation would rise and fall various times within the always changing community. After Disney’s closure of Club Penguin, the army went idle like the rest of the community, yet it would be one of the first to re-emerge. Following their re-emergence and varying leaders, the army would win multiple awards and tournaments, continuing to build upon a legacy.

Rebel Federation Legends Cup 2020

Rebels vs. Helpers Legends Cup 2020

F6sixer joined the Rebels in 2019 and made his way through the various ranks of the army. He remained dedicated to the Rebel Penguin Federation in every aspect, going as far as coding the Federation’s very own Rebel Bot: a multi-purpose bot that grew from simple economy purposes to being an all-around general use bot with 20,000 lines of code.

His hard work paid off on February 12, 2021, when F6sixer would gain the promotion of a lifetime to commander of the Rebel Penguin Federation. Over the next year, F6sixer, alongside both elexonck, and recently Link3000, would continue to bring the Rebels to multiple victories, gaining trophies in the Legends Cup XI, Christmas Chaos, and Ausia Arena tournaments.

Rebel Penguin Federation Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos Battle vs. SWAT

On August 8, F6sixer announced his departure from the army following server-wide promotions. In his retirement post, F6sixer gave thanks to many, as well as reminisced about his journey with the Rebels. Within the post, he also mentions that he originally was set to retire in March or April, but Club Penguin Rewritten’s closure postponed that idea.

F6sixer’s retirement announcement

In the closing paragraph of his retirement article, F6sixer said:

To the people who might have grudges against me for things that I’ve said/done, please know that I’ve only treated CPA as a game, nothing more nothing less. I do not harbor any ill feelings towards you and I hope you feel the same way. To all my wonderful troops in RPF, keep fighting the good fight and remember, when darkness falls, we rise! For all the things that we achieved together, I wish to thank each and everyone of you. Keep supporting the leadership and HCOM just as you supported me, and together RPF will reach even greater heights!

As F6sixer declined to respond to Club Penguin Armies’ request for an interview, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Rebel Commander elexonck for a statement regarding the retirement of F6sixer:

Throughout his time in RPF, F6 has always done his very best to use his skills and smarts for RPF’s benefit. Between bot development, CPAN, leading skills, and the respect RPF staff has for F6, I can’t put into words how great of a co-leader he has been and how much I will miss working alongside him. Much of RPF’s successes over the last few years were made possible by his efforts, even tracing back to well before he took up the position of leader. Call it the bias of years of friendship, but it’s hard to overstate how brilliant he’s been. Now he deserves to enjoy his retirement!

Whatever the case may be, F6sixer’s tenure as Rebel Commander was full of great battles, glorious trophies, and lots of fun. F6sixer has made it unclear what his future plans are, but he will remain as an advisor for the army for now. What does the future hold for the Rebel Penguin Federation? Will F6sixer return to the army scene in the future?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 August 9, 2022 (9:47 pm)

    Congrats on retirement, F6. I still hate you for banning me. You are still a nice person though!

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