Summer of Wars: Templars Declare War on Lime Green Army

Just days after their second war of the summer, the Templars have once more declared war, this time against the Lime Green Army.

A mere five days ago, the Templars unexpectedly announced their second war declaration of the summer against the Ninjas. However, this was certainly not the last of their summer plans. Within the last hour, the Templars have again declared war, this time on the Lime Green Army. Although, this comes as no shock to the community, as just last month the Templars briefly declared war against the Limes. Surprisingly the declaration was short-lived, as it was retracted and replaced with another declaration, marking the start of the Summer Sovereignty War.

Recently tension has once again risen between the two armies, as the Crusaders began to publicly question the Limes about their questionable affiliations. The Templars reflected on their ongoing tension when they officially announced their war declaration in the invasion scheduling channel of Club Penguin Armies. Shortly after an announcement of the first invasion of the war was made, which is set to take place Monday, August 8, at 8 PM EST.

Templars War Terms With Lime Green Army

Templars’ war terms

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Templars leader Nicky and Lime Green Army leader Royal Mist for a statement.

Nicky: The Templars are not fond of the ties between LGA and RFCP and that Chainpro associates with those kind of people and I doubt that anybody outside of those armies would approve of that.

Royal Mist: This bull geekin.

Without a doubt, this summer is definitely a summer of wars. Will the Templars conclude their third conflict with the limes in victory, or will the limes be crowned the unexpected champions? Here at Club Penguin Armies, we will bring you all of the latest updates regarding the community’s newest war.

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