Greeny Departs Lime Green Army Leadership For SWAT Higher Command

Lime Green Army creator and leader, Greeny, has announced his departure from the leadership. He now finds himself in the Special Weapons and Tactics higher command as a leader-in-training.

Greeny departs Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army has been one of the community’s most stable small-medium armies since their return at the end of April. They were reopened by their creator, Greeny, who has served as the commander alongside Royal Mist and Krosive. However, Greeny disclosed his immediate departure from the leadership yesterday, August 2nd, with the news that he would be stepping back into an advisory position. His announcement message stated that his return to the Limes had sparked his motivation within the army community once more, while also crowning his two co-leaders as “LGA legends”.

Greny Retirement Lime Green Army

Less than 24 hours later, Greeny was ranked as a leader-in-training position in the Special Weapons and Tactics. It would appear, prior to his Lime departure, he reached out to the SWAT leadership to negotiate his joining of the army. The current leadership of four were keen to keep the group from growing too large, and as such Greeny is next in line for the top-dog position.

Their first event with Greeny ranked in the higher command saw a fantastic result – with a peak size of 35 penguins recorded. A thrilled Greeny headed to the Club Penguin Armies Discord server to express how fun the event was, and how he was proud of the army for achieving this terrific size.

Greeny SWAT Leader in Training

Our media team spoke exclusively to Greeny earlier today, to learn more about his departure as well as his new position within the Special Weapons.

Why did you decide to leave the Lime Green leadership for a position in the SWAT higher command?

Greeny: So, my original intent when I recreated LGA was to have others who could lead the army while I advise. I decided to join SWAT because I see a lot of potential in their current run and wanted to be apart of it. Royal Mist will be taking over in my absence, but I will still be quite active in LGA, just not a leader.

What potential do you see in SWAT? Do you have goals to join the leadership? What are your future ambitions with the army?

Greeny: I see myself joining the leadership pretty soon. My goals will be to help contribute to their performance at LC as well as any wars that may come up. SWAT, just today, maxed 35 which demonstrates the rapid growth happening within the army.

Does your joining SWAT strengthen their relationship with LGA? Could a strong alliance be formed between the two?

Greeny: I feel as if it does strengthen our relationship. We have actually been allied for awhile now, despite assumptions that were made as to why we were expanding on the map together. I’d even consider us brother allies.

Do you think Krosive and Royal Mist are capable of continuing the Limes without you?

Greeny; Royal Mist I know will do everything in his power to keep LGA alive. As he expressed to me that is his intent. Kro sadly will be busy with a family trip followed by school starting his activeness is in question. Regardless, we all worked great together to create a generation of LGA that I’m proud of.

Post-interview, Greeny exclusively revealed that this will be his “last stand within armies”, even teasing a potential big conflict as a final send-off. He remained tight-lipped about exactly who this could be with. How long until we see this materialise, and how will the Lime Green Army fare without their creator within the leadership? 

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  1. AhsokaTano24 August 3, 2022 (9:22 pm)

    I feel proud of Greeny joining SWAT and stepping down from his leader position in LGA!

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