Top 5 Moments of July 2022

The first month under the united Club Penguin Armies organisation has seen plenty of memorable moments. A war set to define the Summer, a tournament, army closures, and plenty of drama and controversy. But which moment came top of our listing?

The Club Penguin Armies media team recently hosted an internal staff vote to determine what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from July 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal.


5. Secret Service Announce Permanent Closure Following Ninjas Dispute

Written by: Max

July saw several army closures, notably including the Red Ravagers and Bose DK Warriors. However, the shutdown of the Secret Service following their dramatic dispute with the Ninjas took many by surprise. In the weeks leading up to July 8th, tensions were brewing between the Secret Service and Ninjas leadership. The Service leadership had spoken out against former leader Pandor for “troop stealing” members for the Ninjas. Pandor denies this, stating the members in question were “following him to his new army”.

It would appear the drama had a lasting effect on the Secret Service, as they announced a shutdown event for July 16th. Leader Ugly told the Club Penguin Armies media team that Pandor “did more than troop steal from SS”. He described Pandor as a toxic force that drove out co-leaders and prevented the staff members from performing their duties. 13 members attended their final event on July 16th.


4. Magma Clan Surrender War to Ice Warriors

Written by: Caramel

The Ice Warriors declared war on the Magma Clan on July 17. In their war declaration, the warriors included their war terms along with screenshots of the Magma Clan’s leader, Ryken, attempting to defeat the Black Ice Alliance by taking advantage of the ongoing war between the Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation.

However, before any battles had taken place, the Magma Clan surrendered on July 26. Ryken stated that on top of having plans that would break the war terms, he also had a limited summer and planned on merging into the Special Weapons and Tactics. He then agreed to the treaty from the Ice Warriors and transferred all of the Magma Clan’s land to them. Afterwards, Magma Clan’s merge was announced along with the date of their final event.



3. Army of CP Win Beach Brawl II Amid Tournament Complications 

Written by: Max

The Beach Brawl II on July 23rd was the first major tournament event of the Summer, set to bring together the eight small-medium armies for an exciting battle server. However, the event suffered some major blows that saw it become one of the most talked about tournaments in recent history. The first setback occurred just minutes before the tournament started when the Bose DK Warriors and Red Ravagers withdrew from the competition. Their absence meant only half the battles would occur and ruin the results as some armies would gain a ‘free pass’ victory. This meant the tournament had to be postponed for ten minutes, while the administration and judges worked under immense pressure to organise the new pairings.

During the tournament itself, Rev’s leader Bull Hour was controversially banned after performing a big-word-bubble tactic that saw him calling for the death of his opponent’s AUSIA leader. Likewise, CPA Battleground connection issues prevented many army members from attending and several armies such as the Ninjas, Revs, and Special Weapons pulled out before the end of the event.

The Army of Club Penguin were crowned the victors after defeating the Revs, Lime Green Army, Ninjas, and Magma Clan across four battle rooms. They experienced little connection issues and were able to triumph with a peak size of 18 penguins noted.


2. Club Penguin Armies Server Map Launches

Written by: Max

On July 16th, the Club Penguin Armies server map was announced by the administration. It marked an end to the year-long server map division that had previously existed within the community. The new map was designed by Zamb and coded by CPA Advisor & Developer, Flen.

A server draft occurred the following day, on July 17th. Notably, several armies such as the Revs, Lime Green Army, and Army of Club Penguin did not take part in the draft. The Red Ravagers and Ninjas, after selecting their servers, transferred their five servers to the Templars. This caused much commotion, as the Rebel Penguin Federation accused the Templars of breaking the ‘no transfers’ rule from their declaration of war post that same day.

The map launched for free-land invasions on Wednesday, July 20th, and an eight-day grace period followed. The official launch was on Thursday, July 28th. Currently, the Ice Warriors hold the most amount of servers on the map – a total of 19. This comes after the Magma Clan surrendered their nation and merged into the Special Weapons and Tactics.


1. ‘Summer Sovereignty War’ Between RPF and TCP

Written by: Sophie

Shortly following the release of the Club Penguin Armies server map, the Templars declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, citing the Rebels’ refusal to have practice battles, trash-talking, and usage of the questionable CPPS Club Penguin Legacy — whose owner is an alleged pedophile — as reasons why.

The declaration would turn out to be marred with controversy, as the Rebel Penguin Federation believed the Templars violated their own war terms by receiving land transfers from the Ninjas and Red Ravagers. The Templars quickly responded with time-stamped evidence that the land transfers occurred 20 seconds before the declaration was published. However, this was not the end of the argument, which was taken before Club Penguin Armies’ army league board. There, the two armies argued regarding the wording of the declaration and whether the terms applied from publishing time or from the end of the server draft.

The army board then voted on whether the Templars broke their war terms — and therefore lost the war — or if the war was valid to continue. However, the board members were evenly split in a tied vote. With no majority decision reached, it was decided that the administration should make the decision on behalf of the board. The Club Penguin Armies administration then voted in unanimous favor of continuing the war, which began officially on Friday, July 29. The war concluded on August 2nd in a Rebel victory.

Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt that the month of July has been a very busy one for the community. As we head into August, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

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