Templars Surrender ‘Summer Sovereignty War’ to the Rebel Penguin Federation

Five days following the official start of the Summer Sovereignty War, the Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation signed a treaty marking the end of their conflict and a victory for the Rebels.

On July 17, shortly after the Club Penguin Armies league concluded their server draft, the Templars declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, marking the first war between two major armies since 2021. In their war declaration post, the Templars listed the Rebels’ reluctance to engage in practice battles, trash talk against the Templars, as well as their usage of the CPPS Club Penguin Legacy to be reasons why they declared war. 

The declaration would turn out to be marred with controversy, as the Rebel Penguin Federation believed the Templars violated their own war terms by receiving land transfers from the Ninjas and Red Ravagers. Following a series of unresolved disputes over the timing of the land transfers and declaration, the wording used in the post, as well as a tied vote by the army league board on whether war terms were broken, the Club Penguin Armies administration stepped in and voted unanimously to continue the war

On July 29, the first battle of the war occurred as the Rebel Penguin Federation sought to invade Rome from the Templars. The Templars successfully defended their land, although the following battles would turn out in the Rebels’ favor. This pattern of Rebel victories would continue up to the last battle in the Summer Sovereignty War: the Federation’s AUSIA invasion of Rome on August 2. In this battle, the Templars maxed 4 and logged off at the end of room two, marking another successful invasion for the Rebels.

Hours later, the war would conclude as the Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation posted a signed treaty agreeing to end the Summer Sovereignty conflict. The finalized war score is 9-0-1 in favor of the Rebels.

Summer Sovereignty War

The terms of the Summer Sovereignty Treaty

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Rebel Penguin Federation leader Link3000 and Templars leader Xing to learn more about the conclusion of the war.

Link3000: TCP leadership approached us with a treaty to be put into effect. With that RPF and TCP leaders negotiated general terms as well as terms regarding servers that were obtained during the war. The war was quite intense from the get-go, I mean the first 2 battles were back-to-back, 1 hour difference with each other. It was exciting, motivating, tiring and powerful all-around. I’m very proud of the way RPF fought, proud of our troops that kept going despite constant battles at weird and wacky hours and I’m glad all their hard work paid off in the end and we managed to emerge victorious. And of course, TCP put on one hell of a fight.

Xing: Everything was normal.

Our morale is high but the war happened at an inconvenient time with LC, September drop and another war approaching us.

Ten exhilarating battles later, the first major war of 2022 concluded. However, it seems that this isn’t the end of the Templars’ warring days. What will happen in the months to come? By the time the treaty concludes in November, will the community witness another war between the two giants?

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