Templars “Declare War” on Ninjas and the Winner Will Be Decided By Sled Race

Exactly seventeen minutes after the Templars and Rebel Penguin Federation put an end to the Summer Sovereignty War, a declaration was initiated from the Templars against their allies, the Ninjas. After speaking with the individuals involved, the Club Penguin Armies media team can exclusively report the true nature of this apparent war.

At 4:50 pm EST today, the Rebel Penguin Federation and Templars put an end to their ongoing conflict, dubbed the Summer Sovereignty War. With nine victories under their belt, the Rebels have been crowned the victors and a treaty between the pair will last until November 2nd, 2022.

Templars War Ninjas

Not even twenty minutes had passed since the treaty was declared, and the Templars had declared war against their own allies – the Ninjas. Upon first glance, the war seemed to be legitimate, perhaps an attempt to draw attention away from their loss and to regain the upper hand within the community. However, our exclusive interview with leader Xing revealed it was anything but.

Why the Ninjas war just minutes after the ending of the Summer Sovereignty war?

Xing: Pandor and I talked about it, we needed some time to invade some freeland on the map and refresh ourselves since this past war. This really isn’t a war to kill Ninjas or anything, we’re still very good allies with them regardless and will help them at every chance we get. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that we’re doing this as simply a stop-gap so we can focus on freeland on the map and recruiting more people into the army, training them and focusing on the Legends Cup.

The Ninjas currently have no servers to invade, how do the Templars intend to war them?

Xing: We aren’t invading any servers. Roblox, best of 5 on arsenal, and we will have sled races too. Between Nicky and Revan, best of 10.

There is no doubt this war is not serious, but a facade. How would you answer those who claim the declaration is to draw attention away from the fact the Templars just lost a war that they fought so hard to get in the first place?

Xing: Why would you want your army to be shanked from behind by another army looking to get at you even more? It’s just a smart move. I don’t really care what goons like Zay and CANC say, they haven’t really achieved much and have only been known for loud-mouthing and bandwagoning.

It is clear from our discussion with Xing that the latest Templars war is not serious, and is not going to take place in the standard manner, with the Ninjas not owning any servers on the server map. This begs the question: is this truly even a declaration of war? Many will say not, as the two armies will not be battling for any land and the victor will be decided through mini-games – some not even set to take place on the Club Penguin game.

To learn more about this new conflict from the Ninja’s perspective, we spoke with leader Revan.

It’s trying out something new, battles can be rinse and repeat with them not being too different from your other kinds of events so trying out something where troops can get more involved and turning it into something more personal to each person attending could really help an armies overall activity.

Revan further stated: “We’re classing this an actual war to help add a bit more hype” when questioned if this was a war or rather a series of mini-games between allies. Meanwhile, the Templars have scheduled two freeland invasions for the remainder of this week. Could they be building up their nation to take on a new opponent in a more serious war? 

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  1. AhsokaTano24 August 2, 2022 (11:56 pm)

    Okay, if it’s just a fun war. I don’t mind…

  2. Thunder222 August 3, 2022 (1:51 pm)

    ”This really isn’t a war to kill Ninjas or anything” then why did you declare war on them, top ten points

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