Summer Sovereignty War: Rebels Maintain Winning Streak and Bring War Score to 8-1

As the Summer Sovereignty War rages on, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars continue to clash on the battlefield. With the first overtime battle of the war, the feud between the two continues to heat up.

summer sovereignty war

RPF Invasion of Cairo

With six battles already won, the Rebel Penguin Federation look to continue their winning streak over the Templars. The battle for Cairo was hotly contested and has become the closest battle of the war thus far. With similar sizes, both armies fought tooth and nail to overpower their opponent. The armies traded blows, each covering the other at certain points, trying to find just some advantage to overcome the other, but to no avail.

The first three rooms resulted in a tie, leading to overtime. The Rebels gained a favorable size advantage over the Crusaders, making strong formations and performing quick tactics. The Federation was prominent throughout the room, and although the Templars managed to fight back eventually, it was too little too late, leading to a 1-0-3 victory in favor of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Judge Sophie gave Club Penguin Armies the following statement:

The battle for Cairo was quite close. Both armies had their strong moments and also shortcomings that placed them neck to neck up until the overtime room. The battle got messy at many points as both armies struggled with gaps in their formations and alternated between covering and being covered. Notably, the Rebel Penguin Federation didn’t switch formations/have any movement in the first room until six minutes in, which is something the judges would like to advise against in the future. Thankfully this didn’t continue into room two and three. In the overtime room, the Templars chose an anchor formation, which is something that typically puts an army at a disadvantage when battling in the docks. It may be more beneficial to avoid anchors in the docks in the future. Overall, it was an exciting battle to judge as the margin between the Templars and the Rebels was very close. It was great to see both armies put up a fantastic fight.


TCP Invasion of Ascent

Following their defeat on Cairo, the Templars decided to fire back with an invasion of the server Ascent. The sizes were once more similar, with no noticeable size advantage for either side. The Templars tried their best, but the Rebels were too quick, outpacing the Templars with their quick tactics. The Federation also outmanoeuvred the Templars, covering them multiple times throughout the battle. The Templars fought valiantly, but their formations were messy, leading to another 3-0-0 victory for the Rebel Penguin Federation. 

Judge Orange had the following to say about the battle:

The battle was overall good one. The judges and I gave the edge to RPF due to them being quicker and more creative with tactics and having more creative formations. Where TCP lacked was there were two rooms were they in an upside down T for over half the room and they were much slower with their tactics. It was a good effort from both armies, however RPF has the edge.


Templars’ Invasion of Alexandria

After previously losing Alexandria to the Rebels, the Templars were keen to see it back under their control once more. This was another close battle, the first room saw the armies go back and forth on an equal playing field that led to a tie. The Templars managed to increase their speed in the second room, seemingly setting the pace of the battle, the Federation fought back courageously, but the Templars managed to bag the second room.

The Rebels began to find their footing and dominated, getting into clean formations quick tactics, and quick movements, while the Templars were messy and slow. The Rebels took this room, leading to yet another overtime. Although the size difference was in the Crusaders’ favor, the Rebels carried their momentum from the previous room and managed to dominate the Templars once again. Fast tactics, frequent movements, and good formations lead to them winning over the Templars, who took a while to move and seemed to have gaps in their formations. The rebels managed to successfully defend Alexandria, with a score of 2-1-1

Head Judge Spotty revealed her thoughts about the battle:

Last night was probably the closest battle I’ve judged throughout the war. Room 1 was definitely the closest room, having split the judges, with both armies being very consistent tactics and form wise. Room two saw the Templars pick up the pace with RPF fighting back in rooms three and four. It was also nice to see the armies do less @ tactics and listen to previous advice.

Three fantastic battles later, the Rebels increase their lead over the Templars, in the epic Summer Sovereignty War, with a total score of 8-1 in favor of the Federation. Three more battles have already been scheduled, with three taking place at the same time. This begs the question, will the Rebels run away with this war? Or will the Templars be able to stop them?

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