Top Ten Armies of the Month – July

Throughout July we welcomed the return of a unified community, whilst also experiencing multiple wars, army closures and a tournament. As such a busy month comes to a close, it comes to no surprise that multiple armies are just points behind each other, in the latest Top Ten Armies of the Month.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [100

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [94] 

3. Ice Warriors [86] 

4T. Help Force [85] 

4T. Water Vikings [85

 6. Special Weapons and Tactics [74]

7. Lime Green Army [69]

8. Army of Club Penguin [58] 

9. Revs [46]

10. Animal Kingdom [45

Close to the Top Ten

11. Ninjas [44]

12. Magma Clan [42]

13.  Secret Service [19]

14. Bose DK Warriors [12]

15. Strawhats [10]

16. Mercenaries [9]

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CP Armies’ first Top Ten Armies of the Month sees the Templars claim the top spot, continuing their winning streak from previous leagues. Followed by the Rebel Penguin Federation taking the second spot with the Ice Warriors in third. One point behind, we see the Help Force and the Water Vikings tie for fourth place. Next, the Top Ten Armies turns green as we see Special Weapons and Tactics at sixth, the Lime Green Army at seventh, and the Army of Club Penguin at eighth. Meanwhile, the Revs are at ninth position, by just one point, closely followed by the Animal Kingdom at tenth.

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