Summer Sovereignty War: Rebels Leading After First Six Battles

With the grace period finally ending, the Summer Sovereignty war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars has officially commenced. We’ll be looking at the key reasons for the verdicts and statements from the judges themselves.

Summer Sovereignty War

RPF Invasion of Rome

The first battle of the Summer Sovereignty war began with the Rebel Penguin Federation’s invasion of Rome. The Templars outnumbered the Rebels by more than 20 at some points. In the end, it was their size, neater forms, and coverage of the Rebels that led the Templars to victory in the first and third rooms. The closest was the second, which resulted in a tie between the armies. At the height of the room, the judges witnessed 31 Rebels and 55 Templars clash, but the Templars failed to capitalize. Sloppy forms, moments without tactics, and domination by the Rebels allowed the Rebel Penguin Federation to squeak out a tie.

Club Penguin Armies got a statement from one of the judges, Wynn:

The battle could nearly go into overtime and was exciting to judge. Templars’ massive size advantage and less gappy forms secured their victory, but both armies maintained a similar pace and, for the most part, responded well to the enemy’s formations. TCP’s main issues were slowing down at times and bunching, while RPF had bit gappy forms and would end up being covered more often. The judges also couldn’t help but notice how frequent @@@ BWB were on both sides. Congratulations to both armies, the battle was very fierce and satisfying to watch.

Summer Sovereignty 2022 Day 1

Invasion of Rome, day 1

TCP Invasion of Alaska

Only an hour after the invasion of Rome, the Templars took to the offensive for the server Alaska. Despite the Templars outnumbering the Rebels at certain points, the Federation was quicker and neater in their formations, while many Templars’ troops seemed to be inactive. The Rebels dominated the first 2 rooms, with the third being deemed a tie as both armies exchanged blows throughout, leading to the Rebels prevailing over the Crusaders.

Head judge Spotty offered the following statement:

After judging the first battle 30 minutes prior I wasn’t overly sure on what to expect, with troops already having battled just before. However, it was completely different to battle one, RPF dominated right from the start. Despite the judges using smaller rooms, both armies responded well to this, especially RPF as they improved their formations and made them neater. TCP experienced afk troops, meaning that their formations and bombs weren’t as effective as they maybe have hoped. Regardless, both armies performances excellently given it was the second battle in a row. Although I would like to advice both armies to use the @@ bombs less.

Invasion of Alaska, day 1

TCP Invasion of Crystal

In the early hours of Saturday, Templars began their invasion of Crystal. Throughout the battle, the Rebels held a size advantage over the Templars, varying from a difference of 2 to 8. Both armies underperformed in the first two rooms, with sloppy movements, messy formations, and not enough variety and creativity, resulting in a tie. The Rebels managed to win room 3, with a size advantage of 5 growing to 8. They capitalized on this size difference, putting together cleaner formations and having more active troops, and the Rebels managed to successfully defend Crystal.

Head Judge AustinFraud provided us some insight into the battle:

The Rebels relied a lot on word tactics on room 1, i specifically pointed this out as it is important to balance emotes and word tactics in a battle. I definitely felt like both armies could perfect their formations for the upcoming battles, Templars struggled with their gappy surrounding and Rebels struggled with the top part of the Z. I also think that the rebels could have been creative with their bombs like they are with their formations. Templars should improve their speed which can be a great asset in their future battles. Nevertheless, it was a nail-biting battle, the outcome of this battle was purely based off from tactical performance as they wasn’t a considerable size difference between both armies.

Summer Sovereignty 2022 Day 2

Invasion of Crystal, day 2

RPF Invasion of Alexandria

The fourth battle began with another invasion by the Rebel Penguin Federation, this time invading Alexandria. The Rebels held a considerable size advantage, ranging from 10 to 15 at different points during the battle. This size advantage played a major role, helping the Rebels cover their adversaries, forming big formations. In the end, this size advantage proved to be too big for the Templars to overcome, as the Rebel Penguin Federation won an effortless battle.

Judge Mogi4 said the following about the battle:

RPF did really well in their variety of tactics and forms, for example, they got into an A form or a right triangle, and their tactics were creative. RPF also entered all rooms first. RPF’s size was much more than TCP’s too. At the start of the battle, it was 20+ more than TCP! RPF had a size advantage, better forms, and faster tactics. In the last room of the battle, RPF was doing a bit “worse” than in their previous rooms. Their forms were a bit gappy and messy. So RPF needs to improve on keeping their troops active during the whole battle, even if the last 10m are harder.

TCP did well in reacting in time when things didn’t work out. For example, when RPF started bombing they held J on their keyboards so you see less of RPF’s BWB. Also when RPF exposed TCP’s gaps by switching forms, TCP was fast to react and swap forms too. TCP needs to improve on its variety and size. Their forms had a lot of gaps, and they need to improve on picking the right forms, as most of the time RPF covered most parts of their form. Most of TCP’s troops at some point in the room also started being AFK and not doing tactics. At some point in the third room, the judges noticed TCP started reusing their tactics, so that is something TCP also needs to improve on. For a short moment in the room, TCP was doing a bit better, but it didn’t last long, and RPF was still seen more than TCP.

Invasion of Alexandria, day 2

TCP Invasion of Chinook

Following the loss of Alexandria, the Templars proceeded by invading Chinook. The Rebels continued their winning streak, bagging yet another 3-0-0 victory. The size advantage, although initially in the Templars’ favor, soon shifted to the Federation’s side. The Rebels were in control of all 3 rooms, with faster tactics, cleaner formations, and active troops, whereas the Templars had inactive troops and messy forms. The Federation simply overpowered the Crusaders, leading to a crushing victory.

Judge Comedy stated the following:

The battle for Chinook was an interesting one. While neither army had the most pristine forms, the Rebels had more active troops sending tactics and better form choices to counter the Templars. The Rebels could have cleaned up the forms and ensured they had people in the center of their forms (allowing Templars to show). The Templars could have sped up their tactics and tried to get troops more involved (which is always the hardest to do).

Invasion of Chinook, day 2

RPF Invasion of Northern Lights

The invasion of Northern Lights was a clean-sweep victory for the Rebels. From start to finish, the Rebels outnumbered the Templars by at least 10, only increasing as the battle progressed. Although the Templars had an outstanding formation in the first room, the Rebels were faster with tactics and dominated the rest. The second and third rooms had a similar feel. The Templars appeared scattered in some forms compared to the Rebel’s neat formations. Size, neatness, speed, and creativity awarded the Rebels the victory.

One of the judges, Orange said:

I believe the battle was good for both armies; however, RPF operated much faster with better formations and tactics. They maintained their size, while TCP lost size pre-battle size. TCP had moments where they looked strong, but ultimately RPF pulled the victory.

Summer Sovereignty 2022 Day 3

Invasion of Northern Lights, day 3

With 6 battles already having taken place, the Rebel Penguin Federation is leading the war with a score of 5-1-0 (win-loss-tie) against the Templars. Will the Federation be able to win this war or will the Templars make a comeback? Stay tuned as the CP Armies Media team covers the Summer Sovereignty war.

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