Curry Shortage: Bose DK Warriors Announce Closure

Bose DK Warriors have unexpectedly announced the closure of their army with one final event. However, hours later, it was announced that there would be no last event, causing the warriors to close their doors abruptly due to their leaders not having the time anymore.

Bose DK Warriors were created on October 22, 2021, by Vedant, Diwix, and Scorpion Demon. They were initially known as a proxy of the Help Force, although their leaders clarified that they were to be known solely as a meme army. Although considered a joke army at first, they quickly proved their placement as an S/M army on the Club Penguin Army Headquarters map. They had also participated in multiple wars against armies like the Templars and the Chefs. In addition, they had also been set to participate in the Beach Brawl II before dropping out of the tournament without notice.

Bose DK Warriors vs Templars 2022

Bose DK Warriors and the Templars at war, February 2022.

Less than 24 hours after their no-show in the Beach Brawl, it was confirmed that the community had indeed run out of curry. Scorpion Demon announced that Bose DK Warriors would be hosting one final event before permanently shutting down. Although later that day, it was announced that Bose DK Warriors would be closing immediately due to the current leaders not being able to attend any event.

Bose DK Warriors Closure Announcement

Leader and founder Scorpion Demon is announcing the closure.

Club Penguin Armies decided to reach out to founders Diwix and Scorpion Demon regarding the closure and future.

Why did Bose DK Warriors shut down?

Diwix: Well, Scorp and I figured we couldn’t be as active as we used to be. Inflation worldwide has inflicted us and resulted in our curry shortages. Due to this, our maxes decreased, and we didn’t have the time nor the ability to continue, so we closed. It’s as they say, all good things must come to an end.
Scorpion Demon: The Bose DK Warriors shut down because Diwix and I decided it was time for it to die; it had outlived its novelty. More importantly, we had run out of curry, and thus we just lost power drastically.

Will Bose DK Warriors ever come back?

Dix: Maybe we will return. One of us might be regaining our activity to run the army, hosting events, etc. Until then, we can munch on our curry from home.

Scorpion Demon: The Bose DK Warriors will never return unless we find a new chef who can mass produce curry

What was your favorite memory of the army?

Diwix: That must be the war we had with Templars. It was fun with all the propaganda and memes. The times from then were quite an experience and something I’m sure many of us enjoyed.

Scorpion Demon: My favourite memory of the army was every time we cracked a joke, memed around about curry, and made other sm armies cry about us displacing them on the top ten. I will miss vibing to “Bhaag Bhaag DK bose” in the VCs. However, I’m also glad to finally not be enlisted in any army.

What do you believe was the most challenging part of leading Bose DK Warriors?

Diwix: I don’t think leading was much of a challenge, but I struggled with the curry shortages. Inflation hit us well, and I believe that the decline afterward was challenging.

Scorpion Demon: The most challenging part of leading bose DK would be that almost everyone kept thinking of it as hfs proxy. Since day one, I’ve tried my best to make it clear that bose DK was a meme army and nothing beyond it, an army where anyone – not just hf people but all others too – could participate without any problems (unless they’re annoying, I don’t believe in tolerating idiots). Wynn and snowy never would’ve allowed a proxy in the first place, as both of them are firmly against such circumventing methods, and I think it sucks that bose DK never got the chance to be an actual meme army. But ig, it’s also just that tough to trust people these days, so I don’t hold it against those who persistently called it a proxy. Long live 32op, and don’t forget to join the based aaronstone league (it’s better)

With Bose DK Warriors confirming that they do not have any plans of revival in the immediate future, only time can tell if the army will reopen. Club Penguin Armies would like to wish them the best in all of their future endeavours.

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