Adden Swims Into Water Vikings Leadership

More than a year after his departure from leadership, Adden has made his return to the Water Vikings. The Golden Viking intends to make his last stint as a Water Vikings leader memorable by taking home the Legends Cup trophy.

Water Viking Leadership Changes: Adden

Adden joined the army community in June 2014 with the Army of CP. Though he has joined several armies in his career, including Dark Warriors, Romans, and Golden Guardians, his most notable achievements have been as leader of the Water Vikings. Adden led the Water Vikings to consecutive Legends Cup Finals in 2015 and 2016. His war-time victories during the Golden Seas War, Eagre Foray, and Black Seas War made him a Viking Legend, dubbed the Golden Viking.

Water Vikings July 2022

A recent Water Vikings event

On July 22, Buddy announced Adden’s return to the Water Vikings’ leadership. In a short intro to his return, Adden noted that this may be his “final run at leading WV.” He added his intention to bring home the army’s first Legends Cup while he leads. The seasoned veteran holds significant faith in bringing home the trophy to the army.

Adden Water Vikings Promotion 2022

Buddy announcing Adden’s return to leadership

To learn more about Adden’s intentions, Club Penguin Armies has reached out for an exclusive interview:

Why did you decide to return to Water Vikings’ leadership?

Legends Cup is approaching, so I figured with an empty schedule I could manage another run at leader and contribute to the army.

Are you staying in leadership solely for the Legends Cup, or is there more you’re planning?

I feel very motivated, so I’m absolutely committed to the Legends Cup and, ideally, a decent time past that.

What are your foreseeable plans with the army after the Legends Cup?

As of right now, my eyes are on the Legends Cup.


Adden has made a splash back into leadership to bring the army its first Legends Cup victory. While this may be Adden’s last round of leading the army, he’s not going anywhere without soaking the community first. Whether he can lead the Vikings to their first Legends Cup victory remains to be seen. Adden’s dedication and leadership prowess will ensure this year’s Legends Cup is something to remember.

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