Army of CP Crowned Beach Brawl II Champions Amid Withdrawals, Delays & Connection Issues

The Army of Club Penguin is the winner of the Beach Brawl II, an anticipated event on the community’s Summer roster that suffered from two armies withdrawing moments before the start of the battle, connection issues, and the in-game banning of an army leader. The Club Penguin Armies media team have exclusive coverage of the behind-the-scenes disorder.

The Beach Brawl II took place earlier today at 15:00 EST, marking the beginning of the Club Penguin Armies Summer plans. The anticipated event was set to pit eight small-medium armies against each other in a battle server format, with each army fighting a new opponent across three battle rooms.

The judging team was all smiles prior to the chaos that ensued shortly after.

However, hours of planning and meticulous organisation were extinguished when two armies – the Bose DK Warriors and Red Ravagers – withdrew from the tournament just 10 minutes prior to its beginning. Their absence would mean that only half of the battles would be occurring – a significant issue that would have ruined the results of the tournament as it would allow some armies to gain a ‘free pass’ victory.

With the clock ticking, and less than 10 minutes to go until the start of the tournament, the CPA administration made the decision to delay by 10 minutes so that the new battle pairings could be established. Spotty worked against the clock to establish the new battles and has since been commended by her colleagues for setting up the match-ups so quickly and under so much pressure.

With the new pairings sorted, the judging team were under immense pressure to quickly re-organise all of the necessary pre-battle preparations once again. They achieved it, however, and the first battle room was announced on time at 15:10 EST. The battle match-ups and results were as follows:

Battle 1:
SWAT vs. Ninjas – SWAT victory
LGA vs. MC – MC victory
Revs vs. ACP – ACP victory

Battle 2:
LGA vs. ACP – ACP victory
Revs vs. Ninjas – No victor
SWAT vs. MC – MC victory

Battle 3:
SWAT vs. LGA – LGA victory
ACP vs. Ninjas – ACP victory
MC vs. Revs – MC victory

Final Battle
ACP vs. MC – ACP victory

Notably, Revolutionaries leader Bull Hour was banned during his army’s first battle. He led a big-word-bubble tactic that saw him calling for the death of his opponent’s AUSIA leader. The CPA Battleground moderators deemed this a breach of the game’s rules and banned him, removing his ability to lead his army for the next two rooms. The Revs pulled out during room two.

Many armies also faced significant game connection issues, with the Ninjas ordering their members to log off during the second room because their members could not get back online. CPA Battleground connection issues are not a recent development, but an ongoing problem that Superhero123 and his team have been working on addressing for some time. Yesterday, CPA Battleground was upgraded onto a new server in preparation for the Beach Brawl II, but it appears this was not enough to combat the issues that still remain.

The administration will be working closely with Superhero and the army league board to find a solution to these issues. The future of the Legends Cup XII is currently hanging in the balance, as community members and army leaders call for it to be delayed until the game issues have been addressed.

A huge congratulations to the Army of Club Penguin for their fantastic victory, and to the Magma Clan on being the runner-ups.

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