Server Map Launches For Free-Land Invasions

With the conclusion of the server draft last weekend, the map has finally opened for armies to schedule free-land invasions. Eight armies have so far participated, including two that opted out of the initial server draft.

The Ice Warriors were the first to schedule invasions. They scheduled three invasions, most likely in preparation for their war with the Magma Clan. The Warriors decided to invade servers 13, 23, and 17, building around the servers they already own. They decided to name server 13 Arendelle, and server 23 was named Matterhorn.

After the Warriors, the Rebel Penguin Federation was the next army to schedule. They initially opted to invade only two servers, server 74 and server 61. However, later on in the day they also scheduled an invasion for server 58, coming to a total of three invasions. Although these servers are close to their initial draft land, they also come close to land owned by the Help Force, with server 61 directly bordering East Wind. 

Upcoming invasions for Friday, July 22.

Next was the Special Weapons and Tactics. They opted to invade server 100, server 101, and server 103. These three servers each border one another, and they also border their capital server Mammoth. Once these invasions are over, they will most likely continue to invade near their capital, and possibly dominate the bottom right section of the map.

The Lime Green Army was quick to follow, scheduling invasions of servers 97, 150, and 96. The Limes is one of the few armies that chose not to take part in the server draft. They also selected the bottom right-hand side of the map, near Special Weapons and Tactics. Could this lead to possible future conflict between the two armies, or perhaps trading servers to get away from one another?

Upcoming invasions for Saturday, July 23.

The Revolutionaries, another army that did not take part in the server draft, scheduled two invasions. The servers they are invading are 145 and 90. Although they’re on the same island as LGA and SWAT, their servers have decent space between each other. The Revolutionaries are possibly looking to avoid their land being close to another army. 

The Templars are currently the biggest army on the map, holding a total of 15 servers. Their invasions are scheduled for server 2 and server 8, which are right next to their territory. The Templars may be looking to expand their territory to increase their odds against the Rebel Penguin Federation, or they may want to dominate the map early on.

Upcoming invasions for Sunday, July 24.

Magma Clan was the only army to only schedule one invasion, the invasion of server 140. This is near to their already owned land, and far away from the Ice Warriors, who they are currently at war with.

Help Force was the last army to schedule an invasion. They have decided to invade servers 78 and 75, which are near East Wind and Coldfront, servers the helpers already own. Although they are extending near some of their land, they seem to be away from their capital, which is right next to the Templars’ territory.

Upcoming invasions for Monday, July 25.

A total of eight armies have scheduled free-land invasions so far. And as of right now, the Rebels, the Lime Green Army, and SWAT are each up one server, with LGA and SWAT already having scheduled one more invasion each. It’s going to be interesting to see how armies plan invasions in the future, whether they continue to expand or invade the land in an entirely different place. With less than a week to go until the server map grace period ends, who will have tallied up the most free-land by then?

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