Opinion: ‘The Templars Raid of the Rebel Penguin Federation Was Hypocritical’

Wars with purpose invoke excitement within the community as they allow for competition and exhilarating action, but when does that action cross the line? There needs to be a boundary to how far one of the opposing sides can take the conflict. The Templars think it’s clever to raid their enemy’s private event, but I believe this was an act of hypocrisy.

Disclaimer: The following article contains the opinions of the author only, they are not representative of the Club Penguin Armies organisation. 

‘Raiding’ can be defined as the deliberate interruption of an army event with the intention of ruining it through a spontaneous skirmish. The last thing any army member wants is for their private event to be suddenly ruined by another larger army, no matter what the reason may be. It’s neither fair nor fun.

The Templars and Rebel Penguin Federation intertwined in a raiding conflict earlier this week. Following the Templars’ war declaration on the Rebels, a heated dispute over the Templars’ server transfers ensued as both sides debated whether or not this violated the Templars’ own war terms. Although the result has now been announced in favor of the Templars, the golden crusaders took the conflict into their own hands by spontaneously raiding a Rebel event.

The Templars stated the raid occurred because the Rebels were “beginning one of their tiny, repetitive takeover events.” It’s then documented that the conflict led to the Rebels retreating to another server to host their event, with their max sizes being affected by the interruption. Many of their members were also left confused and upset that the event they were looking forward to was ruined. 

The Templars raiding an event hosted by the Rebel Penguin Federation

That’s where we should pause: raiding an innocent takeover event and labelling it “tiny and repetitive.” Is that how low armies should go to solve conflicts with the opposing side in war? This is the mindset of the Templars: to raid their enemy’s events whilst waiting for the league’s decision.

However, after seeing images from the raid, we see taunts like “YOU SUCK” and “F6 FAILED AT LEADING” from the Templars while the Rebels were participating in their private event. Of course, this isn’t the first time toxicity has appeared in the community. Regardless, it’s downright doing the same thing the Templars even declared war over: trash-talking.

The Templars declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation on July 17, 2022

And on top of that, slanderous comments were present within the war declaration itself right after pointing it out.

Memes were posted on the war declaration to poke fun at the Rebel Penguin Federation

To do exactly what you’re speaking out against is hypocritical. The Templars declare war due to taunting from the opposing side, only to turn around, log on to raid one of their events, and proceed to do exactly that.

Of course, the trash talking isn’t the only reason the Templars declared war. However, if you’re going to condemn the actions of the army you’re warring with, it’s best to steer away from said actions, lest you become the wrongdoer. I reached out to a few individual leaders to hear their stances on raiding events during wartime.

What do you think about raiding an enemy army’s events during a war?

Lukey, Magma Clan leader: “It depends on the circumstances, if one army is fleeing and trying to get out of the war, I feel like it can be done morally. If not, then I don’t think it should be done.”

Coolguy, SWAT leader: “During war, things can get pretty heated. I’m honestly not a fan of raiding events but I could understand why some may choose to during war; to eat away at the competition and to get under the skin to nullify their judgment. Honestly, I do believe that the war battles in wars for a reason and that frustration and anger should be put into beating the opposing army in these battles rather than attacking the army or raiding their events.”

Greeny, Lime Green Army leader: “Well, I feel it’s one of those unwritten rules similar to troop stealing. Unless it’s a tournament, there really won’t be any punishment for doing it. I think it’s a bit of a scummy thing to do, as you’re not giving your opponent any room for growth. So I guess if it’s truly a heated rivalry, I could see why it happens. However, if you’re looking to test yourself against an opponent of similar stature, preventing them from hitting their peak is a bit oxymoronic in my opinion.”

These leaders have their personal opinions on raiding an enemy’s events, some agreeing that raiding events can be seen as mildly disconcerting while others deem it appropriate under the right circumstances.

Nevertheless, I believe the Templars raiding the Rebel Penguin Federation’s event was utterly hypocritical and lacked morality. War shouldn’t involve having to resort to using such actions – even if there’s a rivalry. There are other alternatives to raiding which could have been exercised instead. As said by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.”

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