Beach Brawl II: Community Predictions

The Beach Brawl II is set to take place this Saturday with eight small-medium armies prepping their troops for a night of heated battle.

The community welcomes back the Beach Brawl tournament in its second iteration. Eight small-medium armies have signed up for battle, which will take place on CP Army Battleground. Over 30 minutes, each army will face three unknown opponents in back-to-back mini-battles, and the army with the most wins will take home the trophy. The full tournament details can be found in the Announcement & Information post.

The eight participating armies are as follows:

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Bose DK Warriors
  • Lime Green Army
  • Magma Clan
  • Ninjas
  • Red Ravagers
  • Revs
  • Special Weapons and Tactics

Of the participating armies, the highest Top Ten placement of the most recent ranking went to the Special Weapons and Tactics. On the other hand, the Army of Club Penguin was able to show a whopping 15-point size increase from the week before. Might we see the Red Ravagers farewell their army with a win? Or might we see the curry-loving Bose DK show a glorious return?

The CPA media team reached out to various community members for their opinion. Deviating from previous tournament predictions, they were also asked to provide a short explanation of their reasoning.


Who do you think will take home the Beach Brawl win and why?

Superhero123, CPAB Administrator: I think the winner will be either ACP or LGA based on top ten performance and previous tournament experience. Out of those two, I think ACP has a small advantage cause of its huge network of veterans but I believe its gonna be close.

Frostty, CPA Graphic Designer: Honestly I have no clue but if I had to pick I think the Lime green army will have a great chance of winning. I think it will be an overtime thing but im sure they got it

Da Best, Community Member: I think SWAT have the best chance to win just because of the size (from memory) and they have a strong leadership team

Crazzy, CPA Administrator: I think SWAT will win the Beach Brawl tournament. Out of all the armies, I think they’ll be able to pull better sizes and compete to win.

Freedomist, S/M Legend and IW Leader: I believe SWAT are the most likely to win the tournament as they’ve consistently been a solid SM army, sometimes going into the realms of being a major army so I’d consider them as favourites for the tournament. However, I do believe that ACP also have potential to show up for the tournament and pull off an upset

Desireus, Community Member: I believe the Lime Green Army are gonna be taking the tournament, as their performance in terms of sizes according to the top tens have recently been quite promising. Though it may be a close one between them and SWAT and ACP.

Vanish, CPA Advisor: I believe ACP will take home the victory. This is due to the fact that they’re able to perform very well during tournaments, and now, with the additional help from Sidie, I think they’ll do good.

Aaron, CPA Board and WV Leader: I think SWAT will come out on top with LGA right behind them but also dont count out the Bose DK warriors because they run on curry and curry = power

Luciferstar, CPA Administrator: Army of Club Penguin, they’re a legendary army who’s now been pit into an S/M competition, so they’ve got a lot to lose as well as a lot to prove. It’s their tournament for redemption and perhaps a revival

The community certainly does not agree on a winner, with the Army of CP, the Lime Green Army, and Special Weapons and Tactics all earning multiple mentions. With all three armies ranking closely on the latest Top Ten, the tournament promises a heated battle. As it seems, the tournament win could be anybody’s game. Who could be the victor of this year’s Beach Brawl?

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