Hot and Cold: Ice Warriors Declare War on Magma Clan

The Ice Warriors have officially declared war on the Magma Clan following leaked screenshots expressing animosity towards the Black Ice Alliance.

On July 17 the Ice Warriors released a post declaring war on Magma Clan. In the post, leader Kally revealed screenshots of Magma Clan leader Ryken attempting to rally the Lime Green Army and Ninjas into invading the Ice Warriors. 

A screenshot from the Ice Warriors post of Magma Clan leader Ryken, click to enlarge

From the information gathered in the post, Ryken wished to attack the Black Ice Alliance, simultaneously expressing great animosity towards them. With the help of other small-medium armies, he expressed interest in using the Templars and Rebel Penguin Federation war to take down the Rebels, while the Lime Green Army, Ninjas, and Magma Clan invade the Ice Warriors.

In response, the Ice Warriors expressed eagerness to take on the Magma Clan’s challenge. In their war post, Kally said, “it’s a really cute attempt, and we’ll gladly take the offer.” She went on to list the war terms, most notably that no allies and third-party armies are allowed.

Ice Warriors war Magma Clan terms

The war terms set by the Ice Warriors, click to enlarge

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Ice Warriors leader DrQueen and Magma Clan leader Ryken for a statement regarding the war.

DrQueen: None of us woke up this morning thinking war was going to happen. Honestly, I think it’s a cute attempt to declare war on us, free battle points, free land for us, it’s like Christmas came early. We just acted fast and didn’t hesitate to declare war once their plans were leaked so we can set our own accords. How are we gonna prepare and win this war? Teamwork does the trick but probably we might play a bunch of Fall Guys and sing Pitbull in VC with Kally. They wanted war, so here’s your war. Here’s to all the years you’ve trash talked IW/BIA.

Choose your friends wisely.

Ryken: So basically how this all started was that I had a great plan in my head, one to keep the community interesting and start a new world war. People were interested and the plan was going smoothly. Sadly someone leaked from the group chat we had discussions in and lead to IW declaring war on us. I was very surprised from this being leaked and pretty much ruined my Hibachi dinner at a local restaurant. Realistically, I’m not planning on winning this war, but I’m coming at you with all my might. You’ve awoken the beast. I will never forgive IW for ruining my Hibachi experience.

It appears that Magma Clan has no intentions of backing down. Meanwhile, the Ice Warriors are coming in with full force. With both sides entering this war resolutely, what will be the ultimate outcome?

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