Beach Brawl II: Announcement & Information

The Beach Brawl II has been announced for next weekend, with eight armies set to fight in the small-medium clash of the Summer. 

The second iteration of the Beach Brawl tournament is the first event on our exciting Summer roster. The first edition of this tournament was hosted two years ago, under the organisation of the CP Army Hub, as a single-elimination tournament. This year, with permission from the former administration, we are reviving the tournament for its second outing – but this time as a one-day battle server event.

In August 2020, the Pizza Federation were crowned the victors after defeating the Lime Green Army in the grand finals. Who will come out on top this year and claim the coveted Beach Brawl II trophy? 


When is the Beach Brawl II taking place?

We are just a week away from the Beach Brawl II, so mark the date in your calendar.

Saturday, July 23rd

8pm UK/BST | 7pm GMT | 3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST

Eight small-medium armies will be going head-to-head on the day. They are:

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Bose DK Warriors
  • Lime Green Army
  • Magma Clan
  • Ninjas
  • Red Ravagers
  • Revs
  • Special Weapons and Tactics


How will the battle work?

This much-loved battle server format will see each army fight for 30 minutes across three different battle rooms, encountering a different opponent in each room. However, the armies will not know who they are up against until the moment they enter the room.

The battles will be judged by CP Army Judges, our partner organisation. There will be a dedicated Discord channel on the CPA Judges server for each army, and battle rooms and other information will be communicated there.


How will the winner be decided?

Each room will be judged as an individual battle, with a total of three victories possible. The winner will be the army that incurs the most victories. In the case of a draw, an overtime room will decide the champion. The winning army will be awarded the Beach Brawl II trophy and an icon for their army’s Discord role on the Club Penguin Armies server.


We cannot wait to kick off the Summer with the Beach Brawl II and provide an exciting event for the small-medium community. The Club Penguin Armies team are looking forward to bringing you our associated coverage over the next week, including community predictions and a special look at the participating armies’ recent performance as they prepare for the small-medium clash of the Summer.

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