Countdown to the Legends Cup XII: The Defining Moments

With July now in full swing, that can only mean one thing, the countdown to this year’s Legends Cup has officially begun. With the prestigious tournament set to commence later this summer, the community have been left anticipating what the outcome of Legends Cup XII will be.

In 2010, the community witnessed history as Lasage created the first Legends Cup, which was hosted by CP Army Central, and included over 40 armies competing. Over the last twelve years, over 100 armies have now participated in the Legends Cup, as it became one of the most well-known tournaments in the community. With Legends Cup XII scheduled to take place this summer, there is no better way to begin the countdown than to look back at some of the most defining moments of the past twelve years.

Please note that the following moments are in no particular order.


Ice Warriors Become the First Army To Win the Legends Cup in Back To Back Years.

Written by: Scorpion Demon

Ice Warriors were the first army to lift back-to-back Legends Cup titles. They pulled off this achievement in the years 2011 and 2012. The 2011 finals saw the Army of Club Penguin, the Ninjas and the Ice Warriors clash in a three-way face-off. In the subsequent year’s finals, the blue army proved a tad too chilly for the Army Republic to endure. Surprisingly, this didn’t exactly make the frigid troops the best ones around in their time. It seems that the mention of the name “Legends Cup” somehow instils a sense of nationalism in the hearts of the troops of the frigid army. For both of their wins, the Warriors bustled to produce results far beyond their usual capacity and thus truly deserved their back-to-back wins. 


CP Army League and CP Army Media Co-Host and Disqualify Pirates for Multi-logging.

Written by: Spotty

Back in 2020, with the community yet still split, the two current leagues, CP Army League and CP Army Media announced that they would be co-hosting the well-loved tournament. The tournament commenced, with round one running according to plan. A week later, on 7th June 2020, the Pirates logged on against the Crimson Guardians, a battle predicted for an easy 3-0 Pirates win. However, the battle did not run as smoothly as predicted, due to the Cup organisers having previously been made aware of a possible multi-logging scandal. As anticipated, significant multi-logging occurred, with CPAM announcing that at least 16 Pirate multilogs had been discovered. Therefore, as expected, it was announced that the Pirates had been disqualified, with the Crimson Guardians rejoining the tournament, and shockingly advancing to the Quarter-Finals.


Legends Cup XI Causes Divide, Leaders Unite to Host First Ever Community Ran Tournament.

Written by: Action

It’s no mystery that last year was filled with a divide in the community. CP Headquarters and CP Army Network were already causing a big divide. However, the community were about to experience their third league, as CP Army Hub decided to re-enter the scene in the summer. CPAH announced LCXI soon after their revival, and CPAN was soon to follow, thus creating an even bigger issue. For the first time in history, two different Legends Cups were going to be held by two different organisations. To tackle this issue, army leaders from all across came together and came up with a solution, and a key point in CPA history. LCXI was to be hosted by the army leaders, being the first tournament to be held by the community, rather than a singular organisation. This was not only a major turning point in history but also opened the way for future tournaments to be held. It can also be considered the first major event that led to the future unification of the community.


Legends Cup IV Introduces Redemption Week, Causing a Three-Way Battle in the Grand Final.

Written by: Rye

The Legends Cup IV took place with 24 armies competing for the trophy. With high stakes, the 2013 Legends Cup Semi-Finals saw Doritos defeat the Army of Club Penguin, as well as the Rebel Penguin Federation defeating the Dark Warriors. Club Penguin Army Central then added a twist to the tournament and created a Redemption Week. This gave the armies who were defeated in the Quarter-Finals a second chance. During the Redemption Round, the Nachos defeated the Water Vikings and were given a spot in the final round. The finals were announced as RPF vs. DCP vs. Nachos. This was the second time in Legends Cup history where there was a 3-way-battle, making the stakes even higher. After an intense battle, the Rebels were crowned the victors.


Legends Cup VI Concludes with One of the Closest Grand Finals in the History of the Cup.

Written by: Cracked

The 2015 Legends Cup Finals instigated a remarkably close battle between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings. Following their ascension to the final round of the tournament, both armies proceeded to compete for the trophy. Adding on to the already high stakes of the competition, both sides showed a notable amount of speed and quality of tactics, allowing the conflict to reach Overtime. Despite it being a close battle which lasted one hour, the judges eventually declared the Rebel Penguin Federation the victor. This event is, to this day, deemed one of the closest match-ups in the Legends Cup tournament history.


Since its creation, it can be said for sure that the Legend’s Cup has definitely not been a quiet or smooth tournament. With the twelfth edition of the Legends Cup set to take place this summer, just like last year, it will be hosted by the leaders, alongside CP Armies. What defining moments do you think we could expect to see from this year’s tournament?

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