Summer 2022 @ CPA

Summer in the Club Penguin army community is well underway, and our administration is excited to announce the lineup of events on our Summer roster.


Server Draft & Map Launch

With the first set of army league board meetings having recently concluded, we are keen to launch the map and distribute the servers in the server draft this week. This is the largest map to date, with over 150 servers for armies to invade, claim and defend. A detailed post will be released in the coming days, but needless to say, the community is eager to witness what conflicts will arise with the launch of the first united server map in over a year.


Beach Brawl II

The Beach Brawl is being revived for 2022, and its second iteration will run as a one-day tournament event for the small-medium community on Saturday, July 23rd. The first edition took place in 2020 under the CP Army Hub, and former administrators LuciferStar and Max have granted permission for Club Penguin Armies to host. Organisation for the event has already begun, with a more detailed information post coming towards the end of this week. We are thrilled to be championing the small-medium community in such a way and are hoping for a fantastic turnout.


Legends Cup XII

The iconic Legends Cup tournament, the staple of the Summer, is back once again under the control of the participating army leaders. The tournament is set to start with round one taking place the weekend of August 6th. The four-week tournament will pit the titans of the community against each other in a bid to claim the highly coveted Legends Cup XII trophy. Our media coverage will include weekly predictions, battle reviews, judging de-briefs, and much more!


End of Summer Awards

The End of Summer Awards will mark the end of this exciting season. Armies and individuals will be nominated based on their accomplishments over the Summer period, with the community voting for their favourites to win. The voting period will begin on Sunday, August 28th and will last until Friday, September 2nd. The main awards up for grabs are:

  • Most Achieved
  • Best Leader
  • Best Higher Command
  • Biggest Army
  • Biggest Rise
  • Best War
  • Best S/M Army Leader
  • Best Graphics Designer
  • Top Reporter
  • Post of the Summer
  • Biggest Retirement
  • Most Controversial Moment
  • Best Head Judge
  • Best Judge
  • Best Administrator


End of Summer Gala

What better way to bring the Summer to a close than with the ‘End of Summer Gala’ to celebrate the accomplishments and events of the season. In collaboration with the Community Committee, we are hosting a range of games and will be announcing the results of the End of Summer Awards live on the Discord voice chat. Put the date in your calendar now, as we will be hosting the Gala on Saturday, September 3rd.


Legend of the Legends Cup

Chief Executive Producer Orange will be heading up a new series of articles as part of our roadmap to the Legends Cup XII tournament. The Legend of the Legends Cup will cover a range of historic and iconic moments throughout the tournament’s 12-year history, including the greatest battles, most surprising underdogs, most dominant runs, and even the best logos!


That concludes just a small selection of the exciting plans Club Penguin Armies has scheduled for the community over the next few months. We look forward to an enjoyable and united Summer.

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