Templars Declare War on Lime Green Army; Limes Withdraw From Server Draft

The Templars have officially declared war on the Lime Green Army. Nearly three years after the 4th Great Holy War, the two armies are reigniting their old feud, but new developments pose a struggle to the Templars’ intentions to invade.

On July 8, Templars creator and leader Xing announced the army’s plan to wage war against the Lime Green Army. In a website post titled Declaration of War on LGA, the Templars set a series of war terms, stating that they “have strong reason to believe that LGA was planning to declare on us on Monday…and felt like deciding the terms ourselves.”

The Templars intended for the war to begin as soon as the Club Penguin Armies map is released. However, the Lime Green Army has since expressed that they would not be participating in the new map’s server draft, potentially rendering the Templars unable to invade. 

Lime Green Army war with Templars teased

The Templars believed Lime Green Army leader Royal Mist’s About Me to be suspicious

The two armies have a complicated history. Back in 2019, the Templars invaded Lime Green Army servers following rising tensions, sparking what would eventually be known as the 4th Great Holy War. The Templars would go on to invade 75% of their servers, emerging victorious one week later.

Most recently in January, the Lime Green Army merged into the Templars, citing intentions to “take out the Black Ice Alliance.” However, the Lime Green Army would go on to be revived again three months later under creator Greeny and Royal Mist, formerly known as Chainpro. Now, it appears that the two armies are at odds once again.

The Lime Green Army’s revival in late April

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Templars leader Xing and Lime Green Army leader Greeny to learn more about the recent declaration.

What are your thoughts about the war declaration?

Xing: Pedophilia and IP grabbing is highly frowned upon here.

Greeny: I expected it. Xing has been plotting since we made our return, and considering our last maxes were 17 and 24, I think he wanted to jump the gun before we become major.

What made the Templars believe the Lime Green Army would declare on Monday? And was the Lime Green Army really going to invade?

Xing: Classified info.

Greeny: Nope lol. Showing his delirium as usual.

What is your strategy going forward?

Xing: Stuff needs to be done. [We’re] doing our job protecting the community from wretched people who shouldn’t be allowed near here.

Greeny: To focus on growth.

How do you think this war will go?

Xing: Templars victory.

Greeny: It won’t happen yet. We won’t be participating in the server draft and thus have no nation for them to invade. When we’re ready, we’ll make our entrance on the map.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Xing: I implore you to deeply examine LGA and their connections.

Greeny: Xing is a pathological liar. His war declaration consisted of two falsehoods. Long Live the Green.

New conflicts seem to be brewing as the Templars allude to “wretched people” being connected to the Lime Green Army. Meanwhile, the Lime Green Army intends to not participate in the server draft, leaving the Templars with nothing to invade. How will this feud play out? Should the Lime Green Army be allowed to not enter the server draft, and will there be a war at all?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 July 9, 2022 (10:17 pm)

    Something fishy is going on here…

  2. raticide July 11, 2022 (6:26 pm)

    “long live the green” 💀 long live deez nuts in your mothers mouth

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