Mission Complete: Secret Service Announce Permanent Closure Following Ninjas Dispute

The Secret Service has announced their permanent closure following recent drama with the Ninjas and their former leader Pandor. The leadership has spoken out against Pandor, accusing him of driving out co-leaders and creating a toxic culture due to his “sick, power-hungry ego”.

There has been significant tension building between the Secret Service and Ninjas for several weeks, with the Service leadership condemning former leader Pandor for “troop stealing” members for his new army. The Ninja’s leadership has denied this and stated those members were simply “following them to their new army”.

Just days after Club Penguin Armies reported on the disputes, the Secret Service announced that it will be closing its doors after a farewell event next weekend. 

Secret Service announces their farewell event

The Secret Service, created in October 2020, quickly rose to become a powerhouse among the small-medium community and eventually reached the major army status in 2022. However, they are set to shut after their ‘Operation: Farewell’ event next Saturday, July 16th, due to the effect that recent internal drama has had on their staff and activity.

Secret Service hosting an event with a max of 14

Our team reached out to Secret Service leader Ugly for a statement regarding the closure, and he has candidly voiced his opinion of the allegations made against Pandor:

Pandor did more than troopsteal from SS. As a leader, he prevented staff from performing their primary duties, drove out his co-leaders, and made the army toxic. Although we have done our best to rectify the situations he made, Pandor left the Secret Service in terrible condition. His only desire was to have higher and higher maxes, admonishing staff for their work when it didn’t satisfy his sick, power-hungry ego. Our statement about Pandor leading every army to ruin is accurate, and his new home will eventually suffer the same fate.

Club Penguin Armies also spoke with creator Monstah regarding the closure of his army, keen to hear more about the army’s success and the reasons behind the closure. 

Why did you decide to close the Secret Service?

SS went into a state of decline during the multiple inactive weeks and the internal drama that followed it. So the current leadership decided that it was best to shut down for the time being due to lack of time on our hands that would be needed to get it back up & maintain it.

What is your most significant memorable moment from the current generation of the army?

Achieving major status. SS have always been a force to be reckoned with & an S/M Powerhouse, but it’s during this gen, it was able to rise to Major army status. Props to Pandor for that, despite the recent ykw events.

You mentioned internal drama before the shutdown. Does this refer to the allegations Secret Service has recently made against Pandor?

I’m referring to the internal drama from an earlier point, even before the leadership changes. There was an intense showdown between the leadership and staff team due to disagreements regarding events not being hosted and other concerns about the army’s future.

Do you or any members of the leadership have plans to revive in the future?

For now, there are no such plans. But it will depend on the CPA’s state later on and if armies are still able to survive then.

There is no doubt that both Monstah and Ugly hold former leader Pandor responsible for the decline and shutdown of the army. They have condemned him for his past actions, but do credit him for helping the army to achieve major army status.

Whether they will return in the future remains to be seen, but it appears this is not something that will happen until the leaders have more time to dedicate to the army. The leadership have also teased a potential exposé of Pandor, which may be coming as early as next weekend. Club Penguin Armies have reached out to Pandor for his response, and will update appropriately.

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  1. AhsokaTano24 July 9, 2022 (8:06 pm)

    RIP SS. May the force be with you, always!

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