Top 5 Moments of June 2022

June has arguably been the most dramatic month of the year so far, with the closure of two organisations, a multilogging scandal, a small-medium war, and the community coming together for the second annual Pride Parade.

The ‘Top Five Moments’ monthly column has become staple in the army community over the last several years – first started by the CP Army Hub administration and then continued earlier this year by the CP Army Headquarters.

The Club Penguin Armies media team is keen to keep this tradition going, and so recently hosted an internal staff vote to determine what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from June 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal.


5. Magma Clan Declare War on Mercs; Mercs Surrender Following Multilogging Accusations

Written by: Caramel

The Magma Clan declared war on the Mercs of CP on June 17th. Along with providing war terms in their declaration, the Magma Clan also offered the option to avoid war if the Mercs agreed to merge with them. After the Mercs decided not to join the Magma Clan, the war began with a battle on June 19th. This battle was a close one, leading to an overtime room, but the Mercs claimed victory in the end. The next battle was set to occur on June 21st, but the Mercs won following a no-show from their opponents.

However, less than a day after, the Magma Clan announced their victory with a post accusing the Mercs of multilogging. After a troop admitted to logging on with two accounts, Bull, the leader of the Mercs, assumed defeat, adding that no members of the Higher Command were aware of the troop’s actions. Following the surrender of the Mercs, the war came to a close on June 22nd with the Magma Clan as the winners.


4. Sweater Joins SWAT Leadership; Departs Following Community Conflict

Written by: Disha

After discarding his plans to rebrand the Fire Warriors to the Ninjas, Sweater joined the leadership of the Special Weapons and Tactics on June 2nd. During his premiership, the army were able to reach peaks of 15-20 at most of their events – a rise from the previous months of activity.

However, less than a month later, he decided to resign from his position and leave amidst the controversy surrounding his past actions and demeanor. Help Force creator Ayan released a blog post that condemned Sweater and his “hypocritical” actions, accusing him of previously “supporting pedophiles and doxxing people”. This post came after Sweater had accused LuciferStar for “having run away from the CP Army Hub in January 2021” and not “maintaining professionalism when Sweater himself had never made an attempt to correct himself after it”. Sweater did not provide any official reasons for his departure, and whether he will return to the army is currently unknown.


3. Ice Warriors Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Written by: Orange

In early June, the Ice Warriors celebrated their 15th anniversary – a historic feat. The Ice Warriors was created by army legend Iceyfeet1234 in June 2007. Since then, they have been one of the most prominent armies, achieving third in the top ten armies of all time ranking by Club Penguin Army Hub in 2020. Their rich history is filled with achievements such as numerous tournament wins and important war victories; they are also home to many influential figures in the community.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Ice Warriors held a weeklong celebration. This included practice battles with their allies: the Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings. They also hosted their own awards for the year and inducted new members into their prestigious hall of fame. Only two active armies have reached the 15 year milestone, highlighting how impressive this achievement is.


2. Community Pride Parade 2022 Sees 100+ in Attendance

Written by: Sophie

June 18 saw the second ever Community Pride Parade, co-hosted by CP Army Headquarters administrator Max and CP Army Network administrator Iceyfeet1234, two prominent queer members of the community. With 100+ people and eight armies attending in support, the event showcased a heartwarming display of LGBTQIA+ acceptance and celebration from the army community. On the day of the parade, armies held brief individual events, came together for a pride-themed costume contest, and ultimately formed a pride flag with in-game emotes. CPA Battleground also decorated rooms with pride designs and provided custom backgrounds, pins, and a t-shirt.

Since its initial formation in 2006, the army community has made great strides in its acceptance and attitude towards LGBTQ+ members. In Club Penguin Army Hub’s 2020 census, around a third of the community identified as queer. In 2021, CP Army HQ, CP Army Network, CP Army Hub and the Shamrock Bulletin came together for the first-ever Community Pride Parade, which proved to be successful. Now, we have arrived at the second iteration of the event, truly demonstrating the gradually increasing acceptance of the LGBTQ+ people within the army community.


1. CP Army HQ & CP Army Network Shut Down; Club Penguin Armies Opens

Written by: Max

After months of passionate debate and discussion, the two leading organisations for the army community – the CP Army HQ & Network – ceased operations on June 30th in support of the formation of Club Penguin Armies. Under the administration of Crazzy, Max, Orange, DMT, LuciferStar & Spotty, Club Penguin Armies opened the doors to their Discord server on June 30th, with the website and community chat following that weekend.

CPAN’s creator F6sixer released a statement thanking the armies that have “joined and stuck by over the last 12 months” and that “CPA will be in charge of running media, the army league and tournaments, starting with Legends Cup XII.” In a website post entitled ‘Closing Time‘ Director-in-Chief DMT stated he was “confident that the Headquarters revolutionized the world of army media.” His parting words to the organisation he started in February 2021 were as follows: “Years from now, organizations will still be looking to what took place here as a guide on how to build something that lasts. That, my friends, is the legacy of CPAHQ.”


Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt that the month of June has been a very busy one for the community. As we head into July, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

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