Ninjas Creep Back Into the Community

The Ninjas are officially back in the army community. What prompted this revival? What are their plans for this generation, and what have they got in store for the community?

Following a rebrand, the historic Ninjas army decided to make a comeback to the army community with a new generation. Led by Revan, Misty, and Pandor, the army had its revival event on July 2, which saw twenty-four people log on to CP Army Battlegrounds to celebrate their return.

The Ninjas attaining a max size of 24 at their revival event

The Ninjas were originally created on June 4, 2011, by Pochoma123 and Pringle64. They were formerly known as the Roman Fire Warriors. Roman Fire Warriors was created in 2009 through numerous small armies that came together as one. Under their new name, the Roman Fire Warriors began climbing up the Top Ten until they reached the Top Three.

After a period of success, the Roman Fire Warriors ceased operations following a merge with the Nachos. A year later, Pringle64 rebuilt the army and branded it as the Fire Warriors, having merged with the Doritos. After changing their names to the Ninjas next, the army was able to become a force of power to be reckoned with, winning many battles during their time. In the Legends Cup II, the Ninjas beat Nachos in the second round and were able to reach the finale of the tournament where they battled against the Ice Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin.

In 2012, the army made it to the second spot in the Top Ten, as highlighted in a Club Penguin Army Central article. Over their last two generations, they have made quite a mark in the community, frequenting second and third positions in the Top Ten. They also gained World-Power status, which was considered to be quite the feat back then.

The Ninjas facing the Nachos in round two of the Legends Cup II.

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Revan, one of the new leaders of the army, and learn about the army’s return.


Interview Section


Why did you decide to revive the Ninjas?

Very simple reasons, Ninjas have ALWAYS held a place in my heart since they were my first main army and where I have some of my fondest memories so I’ve always wanted it to be brought back and become a staple army once again. I also wanted to branch out and start something new and fresh and see where I could take it.

Where would you like to see the army going in the future?

Really just set Ninjas up to become a permanent army that we won’t see shut down in only a few weeks and to do that is to make the server a place where people who aren’t even in the army such as visitors and allies feel able they can come and talk and take part in what we offer and enjoy themselves.

What are some of the things that you are looking forward to in this generation?

Seeing how far we can go.

Can you share your favorite memory/memories of the army?

I think my fondest memories are of how close the army was, everyone knew each other and it didn’t feel like an army it just felt like a group of friends messing around.

And, of course this –

From the conversation above, it seems that Revan has quite a few plans for the army. He aims to see them as a stable contender for the Top Ten every week and he is determined in making sure that the army reaches great heights, just as previous generations did. However, only time will tell if this legendary army will measure up to its historically fantastic results. We can’t wait to see all that the army has in store for the community, and we wish Revan and the Ninjas all the best in their future endeavors!

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