Top Ten Armies [05/29/2022] – [06/04/2022]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: The first week of summer has passed, some familiar faces return and a lot of changes are observed this week.


1. Templars [+0] (81.67)

2. Ice Warriors [+1] (51.72)

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] (47.17)

4. Help Force [+0] (43.9)

5. Water Vikings [+0] (36.7)

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [+4] (36.37)

7. Lime Green Army [+1] (34.)

8. Army of Club Penguin [+1] (28.83)

9. Mercenaries [-2] (14.5)

10. Red Ravagers [RETURN] (9.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Templars: Templars hosted three events. Their first event was a practice battle with Army of Club Penguin and maxed a grand total of 62 penguins. Next up was their Operation: Second Record Tie, as well maxing 62 at this event. Lastly, they held a battle training that maxed 58 penguins.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held a total of 6 events in the past week. They started the week with an IW Anniversary Kickoff event, which saw a max of 31 penguins gathering for the celebration. This was followed by a 4-way divisional battle with RPF, seeing a max of 23 troops across two divisions participating. The fierce Ice Warriors carried on with another Practice Battle, this time with Water Vikings, and saw a max of 21 troops. Mid-week, 26 troops gathered to celebrate their 15th anniversary in style. Next, they had a roasting session, where 19 penguins rallied to roast their leaders and LITs. Finally, they concluded the week with 31 Ice Warriors attending their anniversary prom event.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation held their usual nine events. They started off the week with BIA Duel with the Ice Warriors, maxing 22 troops. RPF then played a game of rugby at their AUSIA Rugby Clash and maxed 20 players. A game of hide seek also took place at their Operation: I see you and maxed 17 penguins. RPF celebrated pride month with Operation: Pride Parade and maxed another 17 troops. Next was a themed movie event from the movie Legally Blonde and maxed 15 troops. The troop then grabbed their wizard robes for Operation: Wizards of Waverly place and maxed 16 wizards. They also held an event to honor the recent graduates at Operation: Hey look Ma, I made it and maxed 14 troops. Their last AUSIA event of the week was Operation: Get to Work and maxed 20 penguins. They wrapped up their busy week with an Operation: MiniGame mash that maxed 21 troops.


4. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of four event this week. To kick things off, they had a Summer Time Unwind Festival where 22 Helpers partied in the Nightclub. Next, 25 troops served up ice cream before they slowed down for their snail takeover, maxing 18. To conclude the week, the Help Force held a massive hide and seek event, maxing 30.

5. Water Vikings: Water Vikings held three events for the week. They had an EU Training event that maxed 21 penguins. The following day was a friendly practice battle against Ice Warriors, which they maxed 22. They ended the week off with an AUSIA formations training, maxing 17 penguins.


6. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT hosted three events. SWAT agents logged on for Operation: Rise up and maxed 22 troops. Their second was a practice battle with LGA maxing 20 troops. Their third event was an AUSIA training that maxed 17 agents.

7. Lime Green Army: Lime Green Army hosted four events this week! Their first two events were hosted on NewCP. They first had a takeover event maxing 28, followed by a unscheduled event maxing 14. Their last two events were on CPAB where they held a battle training maxing 10. Lastly, they had a practice battle with SWAT and maxed 13.


8. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin hosted 3 events the past week. They started the week with a Graduation party, with 17 troops in attendance. Next, they held a Crocodiles vs Invaders event, with 11 penguins. Lastly, they ended the week with a fun event, where a max of 15 penguins dressed as babysitters.

9. Mercenaries: The Mercenaries had only one event this week.  Their EU training event maxed 11 penguins.

10. Red Ravagers: Red Ravagers only had one event which was their US Gay event and they maxed 6 penguins.

With all this shuffling will we see more armies making a come back next week?  Will the summer save them or break them?

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