Break the Wheel: The Promotion of Spotty and Max

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Headquarters- Two of CPAHQs most vital cogs finally receive their well-earned dues in the rankings.

Since the retirement of Vanish in March, the Vice Director position at Club Penguin Army Headquarters remained vacant.  However, this was not due to a lack of talent.  The Associate Directors, Max and Spotty, have certainly proved their importance to the organization since.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with Spotty since December of 2021 and Max since January of 2022.  These two individuals are some of the brightest in the community when it comes to media and management.  Any CPAHQ staff member could testify that this organization would not function without the work that these two put in on a daily basis.

The growth of Max and Spotty has been nothing short of remarkable.  When CPAHQ chooses administrators, there is a plethora of criterion taken into consideration.  But, one thing I personally value the most is potential.  This is not an easy thing to gauge, but I have never been more sure of it than when we evaluated both of them.  Max and Spotty possess the rare drive to get things done in the community, which is proven to be valuable to the administration time and again.  Furthermore, this growth is a testament to the grassroots priority of our organization.  One of my top priorities as Director in Chief is introducing new media talent to the community.  The fact that both Spotty and Max rose through the ranks of CPAHQ and paid their dues as editors means the world to me.  I know that they will continue to blossom into capable leaders of this organization.

Now, a word from CPAHQ’s two newest Vice Directors:

This promotion to Vice Director at the CP Army Headquarters is a huge honour that I am very thankful for. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving the community in this administration since the start of 2022, and am excited to continue doing so as we look towards a new chapter within our army community. It is not unaware to me the great responsibility and privilege this position is, and I promise to continue holding myself and others to the highest standard. To share this promotion and role with Spotty is also a great moment, as we have both worked so hard together to shape the CP Army HQ that exists today, alongside the other brilliant members of the administration. Bring on Summer ’22!

-Max, CPAHQ Vice Director


I mean realistically last year if someone told me that I would be part of the administration team of a league I wouldn’t have believed them. I literally spent all of 2020 refusing to join the media team, only to win the role of ‘Reporter in Training’ in the 2020 Candy Cane Hunt, where it took me weeks to help write one single post. However, I do not regret finally joining the media team in Autumn 2021, and i’m grateful to everyone who has helped me to come this far. I’m thrilled to share this promotion with Max, as throughout the last year we’ve both worked closely with each other, alongside the administration team to ensure a bright future for the community. I can’t wait to see what summer will bring to the community. <3

-Spotty, CPAHQ Vice Director

Stay tuned to all official Club Penguin Army Headquarters channels for future changes to the organization.

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