Freedomist Inducted as Ice Warriors Leader

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Only two weeks after they bagged their third March Madness win in a row, Freedomist was inducted as the newest Ice Warriors leader. What changes does Freedomist have in store for his army?

Freedomist first joined armies in 2016 as a Light Troop, but remained inactive until Disney’s shutdown of Club Penguin. He later rejoined armies in August 2019 as a Templar, and only six days later ranked up to leader on the 12th. He retired about a month later on September 6th, but soon after joined Ice Warriors as staff-in-training on September 17th, and became a staff member on September 27th. He later joined Water Ninjas, Ice Warriors’ colony at the time, as a 2ic on October 5th and quickly became a leader on the 12th. He was awarded with S/M Legend at the end of 2020 for his work as leader with them and the Templars. Following Water Ninja’s shutdown, Freedomist fully committed to Ice Warriors. He ranked up to HCOM on February 15th, 2021, to leader in training in September, and finally to leader on April 24, 2022.

freedomist inducted as ice warriors leader

Kally announcing Freedomist’s promotion

Two days ago, Freedomist was inducted as the 19th Ice Warriors leader of the CPPS era. Kally announced his promotion for his loyalty to Ice Warriors, as well as his experience and knowledge in leading armies.

ice warriors vs rebel penguin federation, mm semifinals

Ice Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation, March Madness semifinals

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Freedomist to hear what he had to say about his promotion.

You’ve been in CPA for a little while, how does it feel to finally lead Ice Warriors?

It has certainly been a while since I’ve officially led an army as my last event as a leader was in December 2020 however I’ve been a leader in training for several months and have had many leading opportunities so I feel well prepared for the future and I’m excited to see what that future holds

Is there anything specific you’d like to achieve as leader?

Well I do certainly have both some personal goals and goals for the army that I’d hope to achieve as a leader however I like to keep those to myself and if I’ll achieve those we’ll just have to see in the future

Do you think your previous experience as leader will help you moving forward?

I’d like to think so especially considering Kally, IceQueen, DrQueen and I all led together in Water Ninjas where we formed a strong quartet and managed to achieve things beyond our imagination

Freedomist seems excited to start his career as Ice Warriors’ newest leader. It seems clear that he has some ambitious plans in store for Ice Warriors. We look forward to seeing what new accomplishments he will achieve for himself and his army. Best of luck, Freedomist!

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