Weekly Army Recap [04/17/22-04/23/22]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With CPA Battleground only just launching their public beta yesterday, the community has again undergone a week with no main private server. Therefore, Club Penguin Army Headquarters are once again proud to bring you a weekly recap of all army events.


With CPA Battleground only just launching their public beta yesterday, the community has once again experienced a week without a main private server. Like last week, we will be bringing you a weekly recap of the army events from the last seven days. This will include Club Penguin based events, as well as other games or activities. The armies below have been listed alphabetically.

Biographies constructed by: Disha, Mogi4, Max & Spotty

Help Force

The Help Force held no Club Penguin events this week. To keep their troops entertained they’ve hosted several fun game events such as Puzzle games, Kahoots, Movie nights, Skribble.io, Uno, and much more.

Ice Warriors

Just like most other armies, the Ice Warriors held no Club Penguin events this week. Instead, they started off with an Roblox Outlaster event with the Silver Empire, followed by an Fortnite Team Rumble and Box Fight. Next, the Warriors participated in the Ultimate IW/CP Kahoot. They ended their week with a ‘Last to Leave VC challenge’.


The Mercenaries continued holding Club Penguin events, logging onto Club Penguin Vanilla with 7 troops.

Raticide Rat Army

Raticide Rat Army had one event this week, hosting a Club Penguin Kahoot on April 19th, where they maxed 8.

Rebel Penguin Federation

Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 5 events this week. On Monday, they had a game session of Among Us, followed by a Pizzatron Competition (Operation: Lost In The Sauce) on Tuesday, where 36 chefs logged on to Club Penguin Chapter 2, with their chef hats and aprons on – all set to make some delicious pizzas! On Wednesday, the army held a Find Four Tournament (Operation: Find Four) that saw a max of 28, after which they had a game session of Minecraft Hypixel Minigames and Krunker.io on Friday. The Rebels concluded their weekend with a Fashion Contest (Operation: Down The Catwalk) for which 15 people attended wearing their unique outfits, all set for the catwalk!

Silver Empire

This week the Silver Empire celebrated their 2 year anniversary and higher command member Holly join the Silver Commander leadership. They had no CP-based events, but did host some fun games for the community, such as Roblox and Among Us. They are now looking forward to using CPA Battleground for the first time in the week ahead.


The Templars have held no Club Penguin based events this week. With the launch of CPA Battleground, however, they multiple upcoming events scheduled – the first of these being an ‘invasion against ACP’. During their week off, they have been hosting fun games such as Murder Mystery 2 and Roblox for their community to enjoy.

The Water Vikings held just one event this week, gartic phone, as they hung out and had fun as they tried to guess eachother’s drawings.


With CPA Battleground now officially open to the public, CP Army HQ are pleased to announce that from next week, the Top Ten Armies will resume, as armies restart their penguin events! 

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