What If the Mafias Won World War 3?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Arguably one of the biggest wars between the Army of Club Penguin and the Underground Mafias Army, World War three is significant in army history. However, it resulted in an Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation win. But what if the Mafias won world war 3?

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What if CP Army Headquarters never existed?

World War 3, in my opinion, was the biggest revolution in army history. The Underground Mafias Army and the Army of Club Penguin were powerful, but the war defined how the community would run itself. Even now, we still see the effect of the war. While it is possible the community’s behavior as a whole could’ve turned out the same, it seems unlikely. As the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation fought for, most of the community is. The community is much more tolerant of other peoples’ opinions than in 2007. Such a community results in anyone being able to find a place where they feel comfortable. However, if the Mafias won, I doubt the overall community would’ve been as diverse in opinions as it is now.

underground mafias army world war 3

An event picture from World War 3 – Underground Mafias Army

Possible causes for a Mafias victory include: Pink Mafias not banned from Club Penguin and the Rebels not forming. Now, I look into both causes to see the most likely and reasonable.

Mafias Win World War 3 Thanks to Pink Mafias Not Banned

The Mafias would’ve won the war decisively had Pink Mafias and his troops survived the report from Oagalthorp. His power was unbeatable, and he had a legacy that stretched to 2021. However, the army faced a significant setback after losing many troops to the Rebel Penguin Federation and getting accounts banned. The army suffered losses that led the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebels to become powerhouses after the war. Such a result could have come from Oagalthorp not reporting Pink Mafias or Pink Mafias simply surviving the report. Aaronstone42, a former leader of the Mafias, provided the following statement:

Tbh I dont think the community would really change THAT much because one of the reasons Pink left CP and CPA besides his account being nuked because Oagal reported it (Cringe), was because he was bored of it. I think because of that his leaving, banned or not, was inevitable. Which would also in turn cause UMA to collapse however probably not as bad as it did. As for ACP they probably wouldve regrouped and kept going as they have done so many times.

I tend to agree with Aaronstone in this instance, as a significant reason for the loss was the formation of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Mafias Win World War 3 Thanks to No Rebel Penguin Federation


The Rebel Penguin Federation was always one of the most dominant major armies. They were the first to make their way from the original Club Penguin straight to Club Penguin Rewritten in 2017. One of their former leaders, Crazzy, is also a Person of the Year in CP Army Hub. Their creator, Commando717, created the first map for armies to fight on. Their domination is seen through multiple legends known for the army, such as Commando717 and Elmikey.

The Rebel Penguin Federation started during World War 3 when Commando717, the leader of the Blue Mafias division of the Mafias, decided to turn to the Army of Club Penguin after getting convinced by Oagalthorp. But to think that they started as a branch of the Underground Mafias Army would seem unbelievable. Their mission statement, “Fight the Good Fight,” directly stems from the Mafias’ motto, “Fight the Bad.”

Commando carried out this move due to realizing his morals because of Pink Mafias’ famed hacking tutorials. Commando immediately took the Blue Mafias and spun off the Rebel Penguin Federation, allying it with the Army of Club Penguin. Oagalthorp decided to similarly ally with the Club Penguin Air Force before a raid from the Mafias’ side. With this significant loss amongst the Underground Mafias Army and the ban mentioned above of Pink Mafias, the Underground Mafias Army lost morale quickly.


There is no doubt that a victory in World War 3 would have resulted in massive changes in the army community. However, it is unlikely that the same result could’ve occurred had the Rebels never formed. If Commando decided to stick with the Mafias, it is unlikely that any lower rank would follow the Army of Club Penguin and Commando. The rebellion would’ve never formed, thus keeping the Underground Mafias Army the most dominant army in the community. Even if Pink Mafias had left, the Mafias wouldn’t have lost any morale, as it would’ve improved the conviction of troops that the Underground Mafias Army would be strong under everyone.


I doubt that the army community today would’ve been much different. Even if Pink Mafias kept going with hacking tutorials, Club Penguin itself would likely ban him. There is always an end to anything that starts — there is only a question of when. Similarly, the Underground Mafias Army would’ve eventually fallen either way with the end of Club Penguin due to their inherent culture and recent leaders blocking a revival. I don’t think that any different demographic beliefs in armies would exist. Our diversity grew due to the entire world returning to Club Penguin at the beginning of the COVID-19 era. All three armies were influential throughout their existence in armies, and I cannot cut out any army’s contributions.

However, to recap once more, nothing much would’ve changed in the present had the Underground Mafias Army won World War 3.

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