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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As most are aware, CP Rewritten has been shut down recently by Disney. Many armies plan to wait for the new CPA Battleground CPPS to continue hosting their events. But what is CPA Battleground? What do we know about it? Well, this is a complete guide to CPA Battleground and all its exciting features.

So first of all, what is CPA Battleground?

CPA Battleground is a new CPPS, now out of development, that was originally intended to be a custom CPPS for armies. After CP Rewritten shut down, armies have planned to use this CPPS to host their events and battles. CPA Battleground is similar to the previous army CPPSes, like CPATG and CP Armies.

What makes CPA Battleground different from other CPPSes?

What makes CPAB different from the previous army CPPSes is that similarly to CPR, it runs on HTML5, rather than flash. CPA Battleground also does not have a chat filter as strict as the filters of CP Rewritten. This gives armies wider options with their creation of tactics, not having to test whether tactics work or not.

Does CPA Battleground have any special army features?

It has army-related commands in-game. These commands could be used to join an army, wear their uniform, count the number of penguins from a certain army online, and many more. Such commands are quite a unique feature presented in army-related CPPSses, and quite helpful for many people, making tasks for users fun and easier. It also has some fun army-related jokes, submitted by armies in-game.

What are the in-game army commands that are included?

!ac <number> – adds the number of coins to your user
!ai <item id> – adds the item of ID to your user
!af <item id> – adds the furniture of ID to your user igloo
!army <army> – joins an army, with their uniform equipped
!jr <room id> – joins a room of ID immediately
!users – checks amount of users online
!ping – checks user connection

What are the armies that I could use for the army commands?

There are 180+ armies with commands in CP Army battleground that could be joined in-game, which is too many to list in this guide. But here are some of the recently active ones:

  • TCP Templars
  • RPF – Rebel Penguin Federation
  • IW – Ice Warriors
  • HF – Help Force
  • WV – Water Vikings
  • SS – Secret Service
  • ACP – Army of CP
  • RAV- Red Ravagers
  • SE – Silver Empire
  • SWAT – Special Weapons and Tactics
  • BDK – Bose DK Warriors
  • FP – Fighter Pilots

What emotes do CPA Battleground have?

Again, similar to the previous army CPPSes, CPAB has custom emotes outside of the original Club Penguin emotes. Despite most of the customly added emotes being from the previous games, we do have a new emote addition. Developers have added the famous “applebruh” emote, through the EX shortcut. Other custom emotes added from CP Armies were the RPF sun emote (EA), the wary emote (EY), the CP skull emote (ER), the ACP dab emote (ES), and the PZF emote (EJ).

The custom Applebruh emote in CPAB’s iceberg.

Does CPA Battleground have custom rooms?

The game does come with a few custom rooms as well, with a customly designed town, the newly designed dojo, and a custom iceberg as shown above. Unfortunately, developers couldn’t include a few rooms in the game yet, such as the Inside Mine, the Pizza Parlour, the Stage, and the Lighthouse. Although, Superhero123 does plan to work on these rooms and get them working soon.

Custom Dojo room in CPAB.

Do games work on CPA Battleground?

Yes, CPA Battleground does have functioning games, but unfortunately only limited to most single-player games. Therefore, users can log on and play these games, but the two-player games will not be functional. The functioning games are: all arcade games, Bean Counters, Ice Fishing, Hydro Hopper, Catchin’ Waves, Cart Surfer, and, Jetpack Adventure. Due to the rooms not being developed yet, Jetpack Adventure and Cart Surfer will not be accessible.

Bean Counters on CPA Battleground.

Do stamps work on CPA Battleground?

It’s also unfortunate that CPAB does not have stamps, similar to the other HTML5 CPPSes. Stamps are not easy to develop, and CP Rewritten developers have struggled to bring them into their game for the entirety of 2021, which is something users should understand.

How does CPA Battleground deal with lag issues?

Unlike CP Rewritten, CPA Battleground does not have issues with lag. Therefore making the gameplay smooth for the users. CPAB runs on the Yukon client, designed to lag less than CP Rewritten.

Is CPA Battleground a safe CPPS for me to use?

Yes. Personal information is not stored by the administrators and user IPs are encrypted. There also is a very capable moderation team working there, ensuring the safety of users. Moderators do not have a direct connection to the game database, showing only the usernames of accounts through a bot, only in cases where needed.

How could I make an account?

To create a new account, you must go to the CPA Battleground website and select Create a New Penguin. You do not need a real email for your account to be created, but if you need to recover your password, you might want to use a real one. Make sure the email you’re using is a non-personally identifiable one, for user safety.

So, do you think that this guide has helped you? Are you excited for your army to host their events on CPAB? What are your thoughts about it?

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