Pjayo Returns to the Water Viking Leadership

NEW FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Lately, the Water Viking’s experienced a massive change in their leadership, as just two days ago they witnessed Oreo step down from the team. However, today the Vikings can rejoice, as Pjayo has announced his return after having previously retired over a year ago.

Pjayo first joined the Club Penguin Armies community back in 2010 as a member of the Army of Club Penguin. He then went on and joined armies such as Doritos, Dark Warriors, Light Troops, and Underground Mafias Army. Eventually he created his own army, Dragons, before merging the army with the Water Vikings, where he became leader in summer 2014. Pjayo then proceeded to retire in 2015, where he became a Dorito’s leader for a short period of time, before moving on as a Water Viking’s advisor. In 2020 he revived the Shadow Troops, where he eventually found the Golden Guardians, before shortly reviving the Water Vikings. Pjayo then returned to the Viking’s leadership, leading until July 2020, before shortly returning to leadership between September and December 2020.

Pjayo announcing his return to leadership.

After over a year of retirement, on April 19th 2022 Pjayo announced his decision to return to the Water Viking’s leadership. He explained just how proud he was of the army, and that he was ready to help them prepare for the upcoming Legends Cup, set to take place this summer. 

CP Army Headquarters spoke exclusively with Pjayo, to find out more about why he decided to rejoin the Water Viking’s  leadership.

What made you decide to rejoin the Water Viking’s leadership?

After rejoining the server around March, I got to reconnect with a lot of people I had worked with previously, and I suddenly got the urge to lead again. Talked for a long LONG time with the leaders, Aaron especially and eventually it was decided that I should return, which I accepted.

So far, what is your favourite memory of the army?

Favorite memory of all time is probably the tournament battle against Help Force in October 2020, possibly the peak of my career, it was insane how close that battle was. Close second definitely goes to the recent battle with IW, which was potentially closer, and my retirement event in 202

What future goals do you have for the army?

My biggest goal is getting the staff working together as a unit. Especially in the current environment, with Club Penguin Rewritten gone, times are tough for every army. I want to be the one to bring WV back together, and hopefully bring us to a Legends Cup victory this summer. I think everyone’s hoping for that. At the same time, it’s also been years since WV has seen 1st on the Top Ten. That’s something else I hope to see.

What advice would you give to any of your HCOM or staff members that are working towards a promotion?

As for my HCOM, other staff and even the lowest ranks of WV, my big message to you is that hard work in the Water Vikings will ABSOLUTELY be recognized. I plan on being very hands on with the army, on a person to person basis, so I’ll take notice of that sort of thing. If you work hard for the army expect good things coming your way.

Is there anything you are planning on doing differently during your leadership this time round?

For those who know how frankly ruthless I was when it came to leading in 2020, my approach this time around is entirely different. WV is a unit and we need to work together to achieve our goals. With that in mind I’m going to be leading a lot more by example, talking more with the troops, and making sure the army is in it’s top form, despite various setbacks.

From both his announcement and interview, it seems that Pjayo is ready to leave retirement behind him, and work towards growing a bright and long future for the army. Club Penguin Army Headquarters would like to wish Pjayo all the best as he returns to the Water Viking’s leadership team.

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