CPAHQ Statement: The Future of Top Tens Post-CPR Shutdown

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The closure of Club Penguin Rewritten brought a plague upon to the crops of the entire army community, throwing the masses into questions about the future.

As reported on by CPAHQ by Associate Director Max, the closure of Club Penguin Rewritten on April 13th has proven to not be a temporary shutdown.  This means that we- as a community- will have to get used to not having a main private server to utilize for a while.  CPRs closure was not without after-effects, as many other reputable servers closed in their wake.  This has left the CPPS community without a trustworthy client to run army operations on.  Because of this, CPAHQ has made the difficult decision of suspending the Top Ten until further notice.

This is not something we wanted to do, but we simply don’t find it feasible for armies to keep up a competitive environment with the current status of the CPPS community.  Fortunately, this is not the first time that armies have had to go without Top Tens and/or a reliable client.  CPAHQ will be organizing a Weekly Recap in lieu of the Top Ten to keep the community informed on all of the going-ons with each army.  We encourage army leaders to try to maintain activity, as there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Furthermore, we’d like if army leaders could continue submitting their “events” into the specified channel in our Discord server.  This will help us to put together the aforementioned Weekly Recaps.

Though the closure of Club Penguin Rewritten- and it’s subsequent fallout- is a tough pill to swallow, CPAHQ still remains hopeful and urges the greater community to remain hopeful alongside us.  No matter the circumstances, we will continue to live up to our organizational promise to bring innovation to the army community.  We are excited to reveal our summer plans in the near future, among other things coming up in the months of April and May.  Make sure to stay tuned to all official forms of communication from CPAHQ to keep up on the future of the community!

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