Army Responses to CPRewritten Closure

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On April 13th, we received news that CPRewritten is closing its doors following a request from Disney. This came as a shock to the community, as many armies called the game home. How are armies responding to this situation?

Following an official request from Disney, CPRewritten admins shutdown the game. Moreover, they also revoked chat access for players in their Discord server. Thorn announced that the police has been given full control of the website to aid their ongoing investigation. Around five hours after the announcement, the London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit completely took over the website. Following this, Yukon announced their shutdown, while Superhero123 announced that CP Army Battleground will be down for the next few days. You can read more information about the events linked to the shutdown here.

Thorn’s announcement informing the players about the shutdown.

Following the announcement by Thorn, many armies released their own statements about their future plans. Almost all armies considered CPRewritten as the only safe platform for their events. Thus, many armies have been left unable to host Club Penguin events for now. As expected, CPRewritten’s shutdown made a huge impact on the entire community. CP Army Headquarters reached out to several army leaders, to see how they responded to CPRewritten’s closure.

WV: Our verdict is that we’ll be entering lockdown until CPAB releases. Until then, we will be exploring other options to keep WV alive in the interim. We intend on publicly announcing this sometime tonight or in the coming days.

Templars: We’re recruiting as much as possible and pulling in people, getting them registered for CPAB.

RR: Red Ravagers will not really be affected luckily as we already have weekly “funday-events” that are not club penguin related. So until a new CPPS option presents itself, we will continue holding fun events and being a place our community can rely on for an escape from the real world. We wish other armies luck in how they manage this and are sure that the community will get back on its feet in no time. This is far from the worst thing the army community has overcome.

HF: Until further developments, we are moving on from CPPS based events. We will be focusing on fun events on other gaming platforms.

SE: We’re doing other games until CPAB gets released. Minecraft, roblox, chess, papergames etc.

ACP: “Our army has seen many crossroads before, and this won’t be the last. For now, we plan on doing our best in retaining our community while we get members ready for CPAB’s release. We also hope that another trustworthy non-army CPPS like CPR will present itself soon.”

IW: Ice Warriors will continue to host games such as Minecraft, Roblox, VC games, etc. We will schedule more games than we normally do to keep IW as active as possible. Alongside, we will be hosting a lot of games on NewCP. However, we are gonna add a fun twist to it, which will most likely be announced on Monday! Once we get the ok that CPAB is gonna be launched to the community, then we will begin our transition period. For now, we are just gonna have some fun with some games and do what it takes to keep IW active

RPF: Alternative games are lined up for times such as this, including a new army CPPS. Our events won’t be stopping nor will our operations have any huge change, even if we do wind up not having access to CPR. So don’t panic, we’ve been there, done that and will handle this as we always do!

SWAT: SWAT never dies, you know that, we know that so we keep on keeping on and will use other CPPS’. Many could say we were game-changers when Flash died, staying as an army and continuing and we intend to do the same here – never give up

Most armies have decided to move on from CPRewritten to hosting other games. However, almost everyone is hopeful that the community won’t die, as they wait for a new CPPS to surface. Only time will tell how the situation plays out.

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