Timeline: The Closure of CP Rewritten

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The army community’s main private server, CP Rewritten, has shut down on April 13th after a request by Disney and police intervention. CP Army HQ has the full timeline of events.

This is a live coverage timeline, with the latest updates at the top.

Thursday, April 14th

6:00am EST: BBC reporter Joe Tidy has released a tweet. He is the author that covered the CP Online scandal in 2020 that led to the CPPS’ shutdown.

5:30am EST: The private servers Antique Penguin, Flippr and Universal Penguin have closed for now. There are now only 8 active private servers.

Wednesday, April 13th

11:19pm EST: Club Penguin founder Lane Merrifield (Billybob) has spoken out against Disney and in support of CP Rewritten: “They still don’t understand that controlling IP at the expense of the community will devalue it, not preserve it. It’s their prerogative, but it’s still disappointing.”

6:30pm EST: Superhero123 announces the CP Army Battleground website will be down for the next few days.

2:45pm EST: The CPPS NewCP, which is a downloadable flash client, has announced they are not closing and will be adding more english servers soon to cater for the new players.

2:10pm EST: August Renders, who worked on rendering custom item models for CP Rewritten, has released a tweet: “Let us look forward to future projects that Stu will have for us to work on next”. This comes after an early tweet that stated: “I don’t really have much hope for the game”.

2:07pm EST: The private server CPBrasil has shut down their servers.

1:30pm EST: Yukon administrator Comfy has confirmed to CP Army HQ that his game has been shut down for now as he is not “comfortable with any potential risks”. It may reopen in the future.

11:00am EST: Several CP Rewritten moderators have made their Twitter accounts private, and released goodbye messages.

10:40am EST: Detective Constable Daryl Fryatt confirmed to CP Mountains that 3 people were arrested on April 12 “on suspicion of distributing materials infringing copyright and searches were carried out.”

9:43am EST: The CP Rewritten servers have gone offline and the domain has been replaced with a new website. The page includes a logo for the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit department at the City of London Police, which has national jurisdiction for crime relating to copyright in Britain.

9:34am EST: Main developer Gravix has tweeted: “there is hope that all will go well”.

9:00am EST approx: With the final moments of CP Rewritten approaching, the servers of the game have become full of penguins saying their last goodbyes.

6:27am EST: Administrator Stu released his own statement on the CPR Cheats Discord server, confirming the shutdown was real and not a joke. He also informed people that the team will continue to “make things behind the scenes”.

Stu CP Rewritten

6:11am EST: Help Force leader Wynn provides a statement on her army Discord server, making it clear the Help Force is not ceasing operations. Instead, and like many armies in the community, they will wait for a new army based server to be released. 


5:35am EST: Rebel Penguin leader Elexonck provides her army with an update: “While it’s disappointing if it turns out to be true, we’ve been here before when our main CPPS falls out of action”. 


5:35am EST: CP Army HQ Director-in-Chief Sidie provides the community with an update on Top Tens, stating they will be suspended if the CP Rewritten servers go offline today. 

4:30am EST: CP Rewritten administrator Thorn announces that the platform will be shutting down with immediate effect. He stated: “We have voluntarily given control over the website to the police for them to continue their copyright investigation”. Every Discord channel has been deleted, and the server has been renamed twice from “Club Penguin Rewritten” to “CPRewritten” and is now just “Rewritten”.

Thorn CP Rewritten closing

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  1. tina April 14, 2022 (12:19 am)

    very sad news that could not have been delivered by a nicer person 🙁 cpr has inspired me in many ways

  2. part of the cpr comuaty April 16, 2022 (2:18 pm)

    then how a bout we just tack down disny webssite and put bring back cp or rade them to hell

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