March Madness VII: Grand Final Results

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – March Madness VII officially concluded yesterday. Which army triumphed and took home the trophy?

On April 9th, the grand finals of March Madness VII was held. Help Force and Ice Warriors went head-to-head against each other in three rooms, for the chance to take home the trophy.

Help Force vs. Ice Warriors

The battle between the Help Force and the Ice Warriors was an intense one, especially it being the grand finals of the March Madness VII tournament. Both armies entered the first room with similar sizes. However, despite the Helpers having a slight size advantage over the Warriors, the latter won this room with their faster speed, neater forms and more variety in tactics. Moving to the second room, the Helpers once again had a size advantage over the Warriors but due to some afk troops, Ice Warriors took the win for this room. In the third and last room, both Help Force and Ice Warriors gave it their all as they picked up speed and increased the number of bombs, which eventually led to it being a tie. The Ice Warriors were officially declared with winners, with a win of 2-0-1.

This concludes the seventh edition of March Madness tournament, with the Ice Warriors winning the Grand Finals against the Help Force. The Warriors were able to obtain victory and defend their title as March Madness winners for a third time, whilst the Helpers did their best, receiving the runners-up trophy. A massive congratulations to the Ice Warriors!

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