March Madness VII: Grand Final Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – After an eventful four weeks of battles, March Madness is drawing to an end this weekend, as the final two armies are left to compere for the all important trophy. Who has the community predicted to win this year’s March Madness Grand Final?

Last weekend, the community sat with anticipation as they witnessed the two March Madness Semi-Finals take place. As predicted, both battles were extremely close, as four major armies battled fearlessly for a place in the Grand Final. However, shockwaves were sent through the community, as the two community favourites of the Semi-Finals were knocked out, with the Help Force and Ice Warriors progressing to the Grand Finals, which are set to take place this weekend. Both armies last faced each other on the battlefield during the AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition Semi-Finals earlier this year, which concluded in an Ice Warriors win of 1-0-2.

As usual, the United Media Team will bring you all of the predictions for the Grand Final. In addition, just like for the Semi-Finals, we decided to invite the entire community to participate by including a poll open to all. A total of 30 people decided to share their guesses anonymously. What does the community predict?

Help Force vs Ice Warriors

Unlike the two previous tournament finals, the final battle of March Madness VII sees a change in participants, as the Help Force go up against the Ice Warriors in the Grand Final. Last week, the Semi-Finals saw the Help Force go up against the Templars and claim an unexpected win of 2-0-1, with their neater formations, more active troops and faster tactics. At current, Help Force are at fourth position on the weekly Top Ten, where they witnessed an average UK//US size of 29 Helpers. Meanwhile, the Ice Warriors fought against their brother allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, in their Semi-Finals battle. The battle concluded in an 2-1-1 victory for the Warriors, with their neater and faster formations helping them to secure the win. At present, the Ice Warriors find themselves at third in this week’s Top Ten, with an average of 28.6 UK/US troops. There is little to no difference between the two average sizes, which highlights just how close this Grand Final may become.

Ice Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation | March Madness Semi-Finals

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Ice Warriors (2-1-0)

Max, CPAHQ Associate Director: Help Force (2-1-1) (OT)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Ice Warriors (2-1-1) (OT)

F6sixer, CPAN Board: Ice Warriors (2-1-1) ) (OT)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Ice Warriors (2-1-0)

Xing, Major Army Leader: Help Force (1-0-2)

Df44, Small Army Leader: Ice Warriors (2-1-0)

Coolguy, Small Army Leader: Ice Warriors (2-0-1)

Community poll results:

Community Results for the Grand Final.

The community and staff appear to have matching predictions, with both predicting that they think the Ice Warriors will claim their third March Madness trophy in a row. Without a doubt, the Grand Final is definitely set to be close. However, on Saturday, will the predictions of both the staff and the community be proven correct, or will the Help Force become victorious as the underdogs?

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