What If: CP Army Headquarters Never Existed?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In a world after the infamous CP Army Hub shut down, the community only started recuperating under an organization. But what if CP Army Headquarters never existed?

What if CP Army Headquarters never existed?

Disclaimer: This post contains the writer’s view(s) as individuals and not of CP Army Headquarters as a whole.

CP Army Headquarters has been one of the most dominant organizations since the fall of CP Army Hub. However, if such an organization never existed, there would be no rules to live under for armies. Without rules, I doubt armies would be able to have successful cooperation. Instead, we would end up with a fractured community, split by alliances. Such a scenario could improve certain aspects of the community and ruin other aspects.

How would CP Army Headquarters’ non-existence improve the community?

Armies Act as Lone Stars

Without CP Army Headquarters, the March Madness VI crisis would unlikely ever led CP Army Network to form and split the community. Wars would exist based on the reputations of armies and the comparison of relevance between an army and its enemy. When armies warred each other, wars would no longer thrive on losing or gaining land. Armies would instead stick to their small clumps and instead schedule practice battles like they did before judging was official. The community would most likely survive under CP Army Central-era defined rules, mixed with the Discord Terms of Service. The community is volatile, and with undefined rules, the community would make individual mandates.

For example, the Templars would most likely live by their own rules as they did in the past, as Xing stated to me:

Yes, we’d live amongst our own rules. We really have all this time. We don’t necessarily owe anything to any league. In all honesty, things in the month of May would’ve gone the same. There would be another league at the time, so we’d experience the same rise as we did then. ~ Xing, Templars Leader

Another Organization, like CP Army Hub, exists

And so here comes the second possible situation that would have occurred with CP Army Headquarters never existing. Another organization would have taken its place. Possibly, CP Army Hub would have risen again, with armies having no place to unite. As 2021 showed us, any spark could cause the army community to split and cause a world war. CP Army Hub, the umbrella organization for every army in the community, would have mitigated these losses to a minimum due to previous unity in 2020. But is unity under a single league always the best? No, it need not be the best possible choice for armies. However, unlike CP Army Headquarters in the split over March Madness, it would undoubtedly receive praise.

How would CP Army Headquarters’ non-existence ruin the community?

Foreign Relations Weakened?

Without CP Army HQ, we would be stuck without an organization after 2021 began. While someone would’ve eventually re-created an organization, the initial team behind CP Army Headquarters was the most organized. The early return of the organization caused a massive push in continuing armies. Without it, most armies would’ve lost the motivation to keep pushing to be number one. In a community where new-generation leaders took over a majority of armies, organizations are a staple. Most new leaders entered the community when CP Online: Army League, CP Army Media, and CP Army Hub were dominant.

For those people, not having an organization would tend to be shaky ground, although they would recover quickly. Most armies that joined any organization were rarely isolated in foreign relations. However, while CP Army Headquarters would impact people’s ability to talk in a chat with other armies, alliances run more profound than an organization. I asked Dragon of the Silver Empire if his army would’ve built strong relations with the Water Vikings and SWAT regardless of CP Army Headquarters’ existence:

Well, I think that CPAHQ itself is just a hub for the armies and it’s not the main reason other armies have gotten better relationships with others. Yes, it can be used to know the existence of other armies but I don’t think it plays any bigger role in their relations. Silver Empire was allied with Water Viking since July 2020 and throughout the time, we built a strong relationship as brother allies. They also introduced us to SWAT hence creating the Western Bloc alliance which only extended our relations.

Central Chat for Everyone to Talk In

Perhaps the most significant change, as pointed out to me, would be the central chat for everyone. A safe place to voice your opinion on armies in general, the CP Army Headquarters and CP Army Network chats are among the best places to talk to anyone in the community. CP Army Headquarters and CP Army Network provide a moderated chat, whether a friend from an enemy or a rival from an ally. The chat is helpful to share news from parts of the community generally unheard of and discuss random events in the world.


After reviewing multiple perspectives, I conclude that many people believe that any organization could provide similar prospects. The only change would be the people in charge. However, that rarely changes an organization’s overall behavior. Very few people involve themselves with public service in CP Armies, leading to the shortage of admins. If a more significant number of people took interest, they could participate and change organizations and become legendary.

Unfortunately, it is challenging to please and inspire others to join the organization. CP Army Headquarters, while perhaps unpopular to some, pleases others. It is a matter of perspective, as always. If you like CP Army Headquarters for the most part, then join the effort to improve the progression of the organization into a popular one. Otherwise, as Maya Angelou stated, “What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t Complain.”

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