March Madness VII: Semi-Finals Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – Following a Quarter-Final consisting of close yet controversial battles, we look forward to witnessing the remaining four armies participate in the Semi-Finals of the March Madness VII tournament. Let’s see what the community has predicted for the upcoming battles!

Last week, the March Madness Quarter-Finals provided the community with four battles. However, the round did not run as smoothly as one may have hoped, with the second battle facing backlash and controversy. Which now somewhat seems tradition in any March Madness tournament. Despite this, the top four armies have now moved on to the Semi-Finals, ready to fight for a place in next week’s Grand-Final.

As usual, the United Media Team will bring you all of the predictions for the upcoming battles. In addition, this week, we decided to invite the entire community to participate by including a poll open to all. A total of 22 people decided to share their guesses anonymously. What does the community predict?

Help Force vs Templars

The first battle of the Semi-Finals takes place on Saturday, with the Help Force going up against the Templars. The Quarter-Finals saw the Help Force win with a triumphant 3-0 against the Secret Service, in which they showed fast tactics and formations. Currently, the Helpers placed fourth on the weekly Top Ten, where last week they witnessed a UK/US average of 26 troops. Meanwhile, the Templars also witnessed a clean sweep of 3-0 against the Silver Empire, with their speedy formations and large size advantage. At present, the Templars are first in the weekly Top Ten, a place in which they have held since the start of 2022. This week they saw a UK/US average of 57 troops. With both armies having yet lost a room in the tournament so far, it comes to no surprise that the community is divided on who they think will come out as victorious. With The Templars currently dominating the Top Ten, will they be able to beat the Helpers and secure a place in the final?

Help Force vs Secret Service |  March Madness Quarter Finals.

Sidie9, CPAHQ Director In Chief: Templars (1-0-2)

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Templars (2-1-0)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Help Force (2-1-0) 

Max, MM Staff: Help Force (2-0-1)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Templars (2-1-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Help Force (2-1-0)

AustinFraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Help Force (2-1-0)

Dragon, Small Army Leader: Help Force (2-0-1)

Coolguy, Small Army Leader: Templars (3-0-0)

Community poll results:

Community Results for the First Semi Final Battle.


Ice Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation

Sunday will see the second battle of the Semi-Finals commence with the Ice Warriors facing the Rebel Penguin Federation. The previous round saw the Warriors go into overtime against the Water Vikings, winning two rooms out of the four in this extremely close battle. They are currently at third place in the weekly Top Ten, in which they experienced an UK/US average of 32 troops. The Rebels faced a shorter battle against the Army of Club Penguin, ending with a victorious 3-0 win, showcasing larger and quicker formations and tactics. In this week’s Top Ten, the Rebel Penguin Federation found themselves at second place, with an UK/US average of 30 troops. Recently, both armies faced each other in the AUSIA Arena Final, with the Rebels being declared as the winners. Will the Ice Warriors be able to break the Federation’s winning streak, or will the Rebels win their second trophy of 2022?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Army of Club Penguin | March Madness Quarter Finals

Sidie9, CPAHQ Director In Chief: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Crazzy, CPAHQ Head Moderator: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Aaronstone, CPAN Board: Ice Warriors (2-1-1) (OT)

Max, MM Staff: Rebel Penguin Federation (1-0-2)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (1-0-2)

AustinFraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Dragon, Small Army Leader: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-1) (OT)

Coolguy, Small Army Leader: Ice Warriors (2-1-1) (OT)

Community poll results:

Community Results for the Second Semi Final Battle.


The community poll and staff predictions appear to highlight a difference in opinion, with the first battle showing a clear split of opinion between the Help Force and the Templars. However, the second battle reveals the predictions to be closer, with the community being more in favour of the Rebel Penguin Federation. With both battles certain to be close, has the community correctly predicted the outcome or are we to expect some surprises in the Semi-Finals?

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