Army Archives: Underground Mafias’ Reconstruction, 2011

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to another edition of Army Archives. Today we will look into when the Underground Mafias Army went through massive changes and reconstruction in early 2011.

Note: This post is an adaptation of “UMA: The Wars, Overthrow, and Reconstruction.”

Initial Invasions

In March 2011, the Underground Mafias Army underwent massive changes before a lasting reconstruction. February 28, 2011, saw the first of these changes with a declaration of war on the Dark Warriors. The CPA Central post covering the topic said the Mafias claimed the Dark Warriors had betrayed them, the Nachos, and invaded the Night Warriors. The Dark Warriors announced an invasion of the Mafias that was to take place. It is unknown if the event occurred because the Warriors never posted the results. Instead, the Dark Warriors claimed that the Underground Mafias Army wanted to hack their site.

Under a week later, however, the Mafias leader Pie declared invasions of Team Gold and Ice Vikings due to them being the “weakest armies that I could find.” People criticized the Mafias for this invasion in the comments section of the announcement of invasions because both armies were still strong. Even Trickster, a former leader, tried to convince the Mafias not to declare on too many armies at once.

Overthrow of Leaders

At the same time, Shaboomboom revived the Vikings Liberation Army and invaded UMA for Mittens and Half Pipe, winning both due to no-shows. The UMA tried to organize an invasion of the invaders but met with more urgent problems instead. Unfortunately, while UMA was declaring war on the Vikings Liberation Army, “Suffer [Ca3s]” figured out how to control the website. SaW, a Dark Warriors leader, asked the user for control, and the attacker gave control. This change led to the overthrow of all leaders due to “corruption.” As shown by the following image, the overthrow led to parts of the community changing their minds about the UMA.

Underground Mafias Army Reconstruction Poll

The poll shows the change in opinion of UMA.

Soon after, SaW, Boomer20, Ace, and Harvin13 took control of the army. This leadership led to an overnight change in the UMA government and the treatment of soldiers, along with a revamped website. Former leaders who were fired by the overthrown leadership and a majority of UMA troops supported this new leadership. Unfortunately, while it might have seemed the four leaders saved the army from trouble, the community did not think the same. A separate poll showed the community’s opinion of the UMA on the verge of collapsing.

Underground Mafias Army reconstruction collapse

A poll shows the split of opinions for the future of UMA.

However, the new leadership did not last long because shortly after, UMA leader and legend Wgfv controlled the website again. A post on the UMA website announced Alfrondo, Pie, and Wgfv as the new leaders. The overthrow indeed restored the status quo of the Mafias and led to a period of reconstruction for the army. With all corruption cleared and a clean leadership again, the Mafias entered a new era.


While looking for UMA posts to clear up the exact happenings of the time, I found many of them unable to be found. I had to instead search the Internet Archive for posts mentioned in the CPA Central post. People cannot view most posts that CPAC posts link to anymore. Almost all of them show as deleted to the public. Similarly, the UMA ‘List of Leaders’ does not acknowledge all of these four leaders, as that makes sense for leaders who led for a short time. We must not forget about such times, however, and that is what Army Archives is for. We must not forget what contributions all in our community have made, as each and every one of us have our own effects. Disregarding any massive change or paradigm shift results in ignorance, something that should not reach any community. Army Archives has always made sure we remember our history and will continue to do so.

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