What If?: This Post Was Never Published

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – From the desks of co-authors Pranav and Myth, the “What If?” column makes a return. In the inaugural edition of this column, we look at what would happen if this post was never published.

Disclaimer: This post contains the writer’s view(s) as individuals and not of CP Army Headquarters as a whole. This post was also solely written by Pranav.

What If - Post was not published

For clarification, this post will be exploring an alternate reality in which the post you are reading was not published. This post will not cover any past army history that led to this scenario, as no history is involved. While this might not be important for armies, it is essential to realize that we must think about our actions thoroughly. Anything that we did or did not do affects everyone’s life. While posts aren’t as effective as the actions of armies to change history, it is less controversial to analyze to introduce this column. To analyze this, we must look at the causes behind why the post would not have been published.

Cause 1: The Authors were Busy

If the authors of this column were simply busy, then no cause would exist for the post. However, assuming the authors started the post and didn’t finish it, it would simply be unfinished. Instead, it would be more likely that the post would show up the following week that the column’s finished. However, this would leave a blemish on CP Army Headquarters’s column schedule’s integrity. If CPAHQ delayed this post’s publishing, the overall activity would go down on that day but would rise another day. However, if nobody ever posted it, the overall activity would be lower on all days due to fewer pings for posts.

Cause 2: This Non-Editorial was Controversial or Biased

Before starting this cause, I must stress that editorials cannot fall under this category. While this specific post sounds like an editorial, it is not. An editorial, to clarify, is a post with opinions. Therefore, it must not be thought of as an editorial. With that out of the way, let us move on.

What If - Editorial Post

An editorial with a disclaimer

It is crucial always to believe that a post has a slight controversy to be convinced to click the post itself. If so, there is a 100% chance that you, the reader, will think that the post is more interesting before reading. This would be true for any post due to the placebo effect of convincing your brain. More likely to show up is bias, if not controversy. While the point of reporting organizations is to provide unbiased news, there will always be a slight tone of bias. This is because everyone will have some previous feeling about the army, whether an audience member or a reporter. If this feeling were powerful and impossible to fix the post, it would most likely not be finished in time due to the number of edits. The bias would remain, even with an editor that looks over the post.

Such a cause will not affect an audience if the post is not published. However, it would affect the reporting team and, in time, the audience through long-term issues because the reporter(s) would have to recuse themselves from other posts about the same army. This specific post is not about any army and does not reserve any bias towards any army. However, if bias were present in the original post, it likely would’ve affected the posting.

Cause 3: The Column Wasn’t Approved/Didn’t Exist

The simplest explanation for a column post, in specific, that isn’t published would be that the column either didn’t exist or it was not approved. Either way, neither the reporting team nor the audience would suffer any setbacks. The reporting team would have to find another column, and the audience would have no idea that a reporter proposed such a column. While it would suck to know this behind the scenes, there’s not much anyone could do to save an unapproved column. If the column didn’t exist, then most likely, no discussion on the column would’ve existed. In all cases, again, there is no effect on anyone because there is no fault to blame on anyone. Both the audience and the reporters would go on with their daily tasks.

Conclusion and Connection to Armies

While this post focuses on analyzing if a post was not published, it is important to connect this to statements in CP Armies or any public community. We don’t know each other well enough at any point to assume any cause for saying a statement always correctly. We can guess and be correct at times, but the effects are always essential to remember.

A tie between armies and the first cause can include someone starting a message but not finishing it, leading to less activity from them in chat. For the second cause, a connection could include a statement or message that was highly controversial and later deleted. The message would lead to a lot more discussion between all people present and bring a few adverse reactions. Finally, the third cause is similar to someone never typing it or Discord being slow. As all the cases show, we have to watch what we say online if it could be controversial. While the topic proposed could be interesting, it does not mean that the person sending can avoid problems. This issue needs to be reminded often in armies, even if it should not be. Only each and every person could make sure they find the correct balance between the two main causes.

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  1. Pranav March 11, 2022 (2:31 am)

    Interesting post, Pranav, I would like to invite you to a seat at Boston University for Biomedical Engineering [pls accept me, BU]

    • Memero March 11, 2022 (3:21 am)

      bruh what

  2. ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ ‎ March 11, 2022 (12:00 pm)

    what if this comment was never posted?

    • Pranav March 11, 2022 (8:35 pm)

      Then I wouldn’t be able to respond to it! 🤔

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