Army Of Darkness Fades Into Darkness

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A few days back, the Army of Darkness closed its gates, thus taking leave from the army community. What was the reason behind this closure? Will the army be reviving once again anytime soon?

After having recently merged with the Eclipse of Club Penguin, the Army of Darkness announces closure, thus departing from the community. Sidie9, the creator of the Army of Darkness relinquished the army to Da Best. Da Best was one of the leaders at Eclipse and was made the owner of the Army of Darkness’ discord server, after the two armies’ amalgamation. In his post, “What now?”, Da Best mentions his future plans with the Army of Darkness and the incidents that led to Eclipse joining the army. It hadn’t even been a month since the merge took place, that Da Best made an official announcement on March 2nd stating that the army would be shutting its gates as he had neither the time nor the intention to lead an army.

Da Best announcing Army of Darkness closure.

Army of Darkness was created by Sidie9 on October 14th, 2011. It is the first-ever AUSIA (Australia-Asia) army to exist, being led by Sidie and Pontongpasir. The army almost won a flame war with the  Global Defenders, but the two armies settled with a negotiation. After Skyfish defaced the army’s official website, the army spent the rest of their time living under different names, and eventually shut down. It was only recently, that the army made a come-back to the community once again. On January 27th, Sidie along with Shallissa revived the army and registered it at the Club Penguin Army Headquarters. More information about the army can be found in this post.

Recent Revival Event of Army of Darkness.

CPAHQ reached out to Da Best to know more about the sudden closure of the army.

What was the reason behind the closure of the Army of Darkness?

To understand that we need to go back to the days of ECP. When Todo was banned to see what Pandor would say next, I always knew that Todo had control over ECP’s site and that if I put something she didn’t like she would have just removed it end of. Sha and Sidie both gave me CPAD to replace ECP. I did want to do something with the army but with the drama still active, I didn’t want to be a part of it especially when CPAHQ thought I was “supporting” Todo by not shit talking her on her own site…

What were your plans with the army, before all of this happened?

If we are talking after the move, my plan was always to train up the 3 other leaders then leave CPA. So basically the end goal would have been to leave CPA as I was never interested in leading an army after leading PDF back in 2021 but I saw something fun so to speak about leading with Todo so I took that opportunity to return.

Now that the army has been shut down, would you still be training the leaders, or are planning to leave the community altogether?

If CPAHQ wants to continue to go down the path where anyone that writes on ECP’s site is “supporting Todo” then let that be it. I ain’t gonna stick around a discord that does that as that is utterly stupid and especially not allowing me to be judge in a united server because CPAHQ doesn’t have any brain cells is stupid and I can see there’s nothing united in it if HQ dictate the place.

Will the Army of Darkness be making a comeback anytime in the future?

If CPAHQ or any future organization gets defaced like CPAH did (which was the reason I returned, to begin with) then possibly I’ll return but the chance of that happening is minimal to none.


From the above conversation with Da Best, it seems like the army won’t be returning to the community, anytime soon in the future. Regardless of whether they do or not, one can only hope for the best, and we wish the army, good luck.

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