Top 5 Moments From February 2022

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the second month of 2022 come and gone, it is now time to look at the Top 5 Moments from February.

Just like the previous month, an internal vote was held by the CP Army HQ staff team to decide on February’s ‘Top Five Moments’. These moments vary from impacts on the community to army revival events.

5. Fighter Pilots Return to the Community

Written by: Spotty

With the world starting to remove covid restrictions, the army community started to experience a lack of armies reviving. However, this didn’t stop the Fighter Pilots as on January 30th it was announced that they would be flying back into the community after a year away. The revival event landed on February 5th, where the new generation officially launched under leaders Kelsey and Frostty. The revival event saw 19 troops log on to celebrate the return of the pilots. Since then, the Fighter Pilots have continued to grow, making their debut in the top armies of February at eleventh place.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation Win the Ausia Arena: Winter Edition

Written by: Pran

In one of the few AUSIA tournaments, the Rebel Penguin Federation showed its full might. Previously, the Help Force won the Aces of AUSIA tournament against the Army of Club Penguin, but now we see a change in the balance of power in terms of AUSIA. The change could be attributed to recent growth, a newfound rigor in the RPF, or a change in armies as a whole, thanks to Club Penguin Rewritten. Regardless, this tournament saw the Help Force give its mantle as the most recent AUSIA tournament winner to the Rebel Penguin Federation. The community saw a battle between the Ice Warriors and rather than a Help Force and Army of Club Penguin finals, similar to past tournaments in EU times. Seeing if this is a fluke or a pattern can only be decided in the future. Still, this moment was truly a celebration for the Rebel Penguin Federation and those that wanted to see a change in power in AUSIA times.

3. Judges Unify With Creation of the CPA Judges

Written by: Pran

CP Army Judges was relatively new, compared to the other Top 5 moments. However, the importance cannot be understated, as it is the first step in the path to the unification of the community once again. It gives all armies a new hub for judging, to limit the confusion of which organization a battle could be taking place in. Now, all armies can battle each other, without the need of being in the other army’s league. As a result, more battles will be able to take place, in an organized way too. We could also see more wars as battles can, again, be judged between any army, without being accepted in both leagues. Initial hiccups could occur, but so far, the process seems viable, as CPAJ looks to become the next huge innovation by the community.

2. Club Penguin Rewritten Increase Server Bar Limit

Written by: Pran

Up till August 2020, the server bar limit for Club Penguin Rewritten was at two bars, which meant that armies could log on to any server with under 240 people online. The only exception was if an army’s size caused the server bar count to go above two. That same month, due to more restrictions from CPRewritten, they lowered the server bar limit to one bar. Punishments included being safe-chatted, kicked from the server, or banned from CPRewritten. However, February 5th saw the server bar limit increase to three bars, as private servers such as Yukon were released. Armies can now log on to servers with a larger number of people, which increases their chances of getting rogues on CPRewritten to join their army. Similarly, it makes logging on generally easier since there would be a greater spread of servers to log on. Overall, the decreased restrictions seem to be a move that was enjoyed thoroughly by armies since.

1. Yukon Multiplier Introduced to Top Ten

Written by: Dman

Yukon is an open-source client that has been developed to allow CPPS developers to create a CPPS in HTML5. Having lost support for Adobe Flash at the start of 2021, armies were forced to rely on Club Penguin Rewritten, along with their strict guidelines in order to host their harmless events. Though having witnessed tournaments and wars, it is safe to say that Yukon will be the community’s ticket to relaxed guidelines and intense battles. Due to the design of the base client however, it can allow certain individuals to carry out acts of multi-logging unbeknownst to the community, especially with a lack of account verification or IP logging. Thus, the CP Army HQ and CP Army Network came together to introduce a size deduction for armies who choose to use Yukon, and any other CPPS that fails to provide multi-logging protection.

Even if you may not agree with the listing, it can be agreed upon that February was certainly a busy month for the community. With the famous March Madness Tournament just around the corner, it is guaranteed that March will be just as busy as February. What can we expect to see in March’s Top 5 Moments?

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