Slithering Back: Sea Serpents Put Revival On Hold

SNOWBOUND, Sea Serpents Capital – The Sea Serpents seemed all set to sail into the army community for their 2nd generation. However, as of now, the army has put their plans of returning to the community, on hold. What was the reason behind this decision? Why did the Serpents decide to revive in the first place, and what does the future look like for the army?

On January 19th, Myth, one of the founders and current leaders of the army, made an official announcement about the Sea Serpents making a return to the army community, once again. In the announcement, Myth mentioned that they are aiming to start off the 2nd generation with success, having new leaders, staff, and, members (Serpents) join them. Following this, the Sea Serpents welcomed back Darci, one of the founders and former leaders to the Leadership of the army, on January 24th.

Myth announcing Sea Serpents’ reviving for a 2nd generation.

The Serpents originally planned to revive on February 6th. However, the event had been pushed a week back. Having noticed that the event did not take place on February 13th – I inquired about it in the general channel of the army’s discord server. Darci replied to my message stating that the army decided to cancel the revival event on short notice.

Darci’s reply to my inquiry.

The Sea Serpents was created on the 31st of May, 2021, by AlmaAshMyth, and Darci. In a very brief period of time, they were able to achieve a lot, as an S/M army. They made it to the Top Tens, in just two months after their founding, and won a war against the Medieval Warriors. The army has hosted many fun events since its creation, some of which include Froggy Takeover, Asteroid Event, Fruit Takeover, and also a Face Paint event. In the first generation, they have also engaged in practice battles with the Water Vikings and the Fire Warriors. During Pride Week last year, the army hosted an event each day, wherein every day was dedicated to a particular color from the Pride flag, and the army dressed up as that color to show their solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.
The Sea Serpents closed down on September 3rd, last year, bringing an end to the 1st generation of the army. After having a five-month break, the Serpents decided that they were ready to voyage into the army community, once again. For the upcoming generation, the army had also allied with the Water Vikings. Unfortunately, the revival event for their 2nd generation did not happen and has been put on hold, for the time being.

An event from the 1st generation of Sea Serpents

To know more about why the Serpents decided not to have the revival, CPAHQ reached out to Darci.

Why was the revival put on hold?

The revival was placed on hold due to a lack of activity among members and staff in the army.

Before this, the army pushed back the revival by a week. What was the reason behind it?

This was also a cause of inactivity.

Is the army planning to return to the community sometime soon?

We hope to return soon, but until we get ourselves together most likely won’t happen for now.

How would have this generation differ from the first generation?

This generation would have been much stronger with the plans that we had in store for the army.

What were a few things you were looking forward to, with the return of Sea Serpents?

I was looking forward to actually getting into S/M armies after we shut down SSCP last year before school. Sea Serpents was a positive environment for everyone to be in and it felt nice to bring more positivity into armies as well.

If not now, does Sea Serpents plan to come back sometime in the future again?

This obviously will depend on what we want to do in the future. If we wanted to revive, we need the activity first before making decisions. It’s also going to be dependent on leader availability, but I’m hoping we can come back soon 😀


From the above conversation with Darci, it seems that for now, the army does not intend to make a comeback, due to a lack of activity. At this point, we can only wait and see if the Sea Serpents will return sometime in the future, to have the successful generation that they had initially hoped for.

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