CPAHQ Statement: Regarding a Staffers Inappropriate Relationship

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Recent allegations have cropped up against a CPAHQ reporter, Todoro, that require our attention.

On Sunday, February 13th, 2022, Secret Service leader Pandor released a post detailing allegations against Todoro, who leads Eclipse.  Pandor writes:

Todoro is well known in this community for many things, most notably for failing to max above 5 penguins with Eclipse and being the longest serving reporter in CPAHQ, even with the grammatical errors in most of her posts. Todoro is currently a 25 year old woman living in the United States and is the other commander in the Eclipse Leadership. Todoro is currently dating a user who goes by the name of ‘Legendary Dragon’ or ‘LD’ for short. LD is 17 years old currently and the two of them have been dating since 2020. Knowing they’ve been dating for this long is disgusting and especially after being told by people that it isn’t right to be dating, Todoro still goes ahead and continues to date a 17 year old. I’m not sure where LD is from but either way that shit is disgusting. I don’t see how anyone can think that what they are doing is right

-Pandor, Secret Service leader

Pandor also includes screenshots in addition to his claim:

Upon the release of this post, CPAHQ immediately launched an investigation and consequently suspended Todoro’s status as reporter.  A group chat was formed with the Eclipse leaders to see what Todoro had to say in response to the claims.

Todoro states that she and Legendary Dragon wanted to enter a relationship with each other but were advised against it because of their age gap.  She then says that they remained friends and waited until Legendary Dragon turned 18 to engage in a relationship with each other.

Thus, because of the nature of how Todoro’s relationship with Legendary Dragon came to be, we find it necessary to release Todoro from her position at Club Penguin Army Headquarters.  Waiting to label a relationship with a minor until they are 18 is simply semantics.  The title the couple gives themselves is irrelevant to the context of the relationship.

Furthermore, the post that unveiled the information put an unnecessary spotlight on Da Best, calling him out for being involved in a relationship with an adult as a minor himself.  Though that is true, it is important to remember that the minor in pedophilic relationships is always the victim.  This is the case even when the minor does not express discontent for the relationship, because adult predators get into relationships with minors by manipulating them.  The minor is never the one responsible for a relationship with an adult, because the adult is the one who engaged in the relationship.  Victim shaming is an unhealthy tactic in showing the victim why the relationship was wrong, and should never be practiced.

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