Dawn of a New Generation: Eclipse Revives

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Months after closing down, Eclipse of Club Penguin sees its doors reopen, followed swiftly by the induction of new leaders, Nyx and FlamingHerrix. What led to their promotions, and what does Eclipse have in store?

Eclipse of Club Penguin was created on July 31st, 2021, by Todoro. The small army is known for its dramatic clash with the Fire Warriors and subsequent server defacement and their war with Wet Army Penguins. Eclipse would later halt operations on October 28th, shortly after the war with the Wet Army Penguins ended.

Eclipse of CP event

An Eclipse of CP event in October 2021.

In a series of server announcements, Todoro indicated that Eclipse of CP would return for a third generation. Additionally, she welcomed a third member to the leadership team: Nyx. Shortly after the revival event on February 12th, Da Best inducted FlamingHerrix as the fourth Commander. Nyx began her career as part of the Army of Club Penguin in late 2020 before going on a hiatus a short time later. In August 2021, Nyx and FlamingHerrix joined Eclipse and quickly rose through the ranks. To date, Eclipse of CP is FlamingHerrix’s first and only army. 

Eclipse of CP Revival & Promotion

Todoro’s announcement of a third generation and Nyx’s promotion to leader.

FlamingHerrix becomes ECP leader

Da Best inducted FlamingHerrix into the leadership team.

On February 12th, Todoro, Da Best, Nyx, and FlamingHerrix celebrated the start of Eclipse’s third generation. Despite a short raid attempt by the Secret Service, they successfully hosted their reopening event.

Eclipse of CP 3rd generation

Eclipse of CP revival event on February 12th.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Nyx to learn more about what Eclipse has in store for this generation.

What are your thoughts on becoming one of the newest Eclipse leaders?

I’m happy that the other leaders trust me enough to give me the role, and I’ll try my best to live up to their expectations.

Do you have any personal goals you would like to achieve as Commander?

To help the army grow as much as possible.

Given that this is the third generation, what can we expect from Eclipse in the future?

Lots of events. We already have one planned for the day after our revival. We also want to max as high as possible and hopefully do even better than past generations.

That’s the Small-Medium Free For All battle. How do you think Eclipse will fare in it?

Yes, it’s the free for all. We hope to achieve good results, and we’ve been recruiting before the revival event. We’ll have just come back, and many members will be new, but we’ll still try our best to get the highest rank possible. Hopefully, it’ll be a fun time for everyone, no matter the result!

Nyx seems excited for the opportunity to lead alongside Todoro and Da Best and make her mark in the army. With a critical battle right around the corner, we will see how Eclipse’s latest efforts pay off. We wish Eclipse the best of luck in their battle and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

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