CP Army Headquarters Celebrates One Year Anniversary

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – It has been a memorable year for everyone involved in CP Army Headquarters, and we are so proud that we have made it this far. Today is the day that we can celebrate the conclusion of our first year in existence.

My Personal Remarks

Upon the end of flash, the breakdown of our community with safety concerns and the disastrous closure of CP Army Hub, our community was in a dire state. In January last year, I decided that we needed an organisation that could be trusted, run independently from any army. We gathered together some of the most influential and trustworthy individuals in the community, including Crazzy, Superhero, CSY, Iceyfeet and DMT amongst others, as we decided to launch ‘CP Army HQ’. The exact mission of the organisation had not been finalised at this point, but it would go on to be focused around innovating and exciting the community, rather than doing the same thing of old.

I wont go over old ground too much, but it was obviously a turbulent first few months for CPAHQ. We were still, as a community, getting to grips with the poor statement of our new platform that was HTML5 and the lag and issue that this caused. We had unprecedented issues, which obviously led to the eventual division with CPAN. Since this point, I am outstanded by the teams ability to make sure we are providing a top quality service. Our judging guide is by far the most comprehensive guide that there has been in judging history, our tournaments such as Project:Conquest, Champions Cup VI and the New Year Bonanza have run with incredible success and our map has been without drama.

Moving forward, CP Army HQ will continue to come up with and put forward exciting ideas that put the community first. The current team we have is, no doubt, one of the best that I have seen in my history of news media. I can confidently say that the quality of news that is being put out by our team at the moment is up there with the content that was produced by CP Army Central in its peak. In fact, CP Army HQ has now become the second longest running organisation since CP Army Central, eclipsing the time that CP Army Hub spent in the community. When I launched this organisation, it was longevity that I wanted, as I wanted an end to the endless opening and closing of organisations – which purely happens when some do not get their own way. Whether this will happen, I don’t know, but I know that our community is a better place with CP Army HQ in it.

Staff Hall of Fame

I would like to take this opportunity to finally launch a hall of fame for the members of staff that have made the website what it is today. This will be added to our ‘about’ page, and a slightly more detailed biography will be added for each staff member when the page is updated. Congratulations to the individuals below who have been initially inducted, and I know there will be more added in the future who are currently doing some amazing work for CPAHQ.

  • DMT: DMT has served as an incredible Director-In-Chief for the whole existence of this organisation, and the vision of ‘innovation’ that CP Army HQ strives to achieve is very much in the image of DMT. Without him, our organisation would not have taken the path that it has and his experience is vital for the success of CP Army HQ.
  • Crazzy: Crazzy is one of the original founders of CPAHQ, initially serving as an advisor, before playing an important role as Head Moderator. She has always offered vital advice to the administration and has been supportive of CP Army HQ throughout its existence.
  • Superhero: Another one of our initial founders, Superhero was key in the initial set up of our organisation as he set up the website. He continues to develop the website today and is behind some of our exciting innovations and developments. Super has always offered reasonable and helpful advice to the administration in his role, and is a steady head in the team.
  • Vanish: Vanish has always remained loyal to the organisation, and served as the very first ‘Vice-Director’ in the administration, putting in place his part behind the scenes as he helped to push CPAHQ to what it is today.
  • Fusion: Fusion was one of the first editors to be promoted to the administration, and he worked tirelessly to develop the editor team, which was the spark for a drive in content in our organisation. As part of the administration, he worked hard as part of the team and was always loyal to CPAHQ.
  • Sidie: Sidie was the second Director-In-Chief in CPAHQ history, as she stepped up in DMT’s absence to keep CPAHQ driving forward to meet its ambitions. She has developed her ability to draft together top quality posts, whilst being involved in numerous projects that have pushed the vision of innovation forward.
  • Spotty: If you are looking for dedication and hard work, Spotty has shown this in spades and has been doing some incredible work both behind the scenes and in the foreground. She first worked as part of the initial Head Judge team, bringing her experience from CPAH, before then joining our editor team. Her hard work got her promoted to the administration, where she has been part of the reason behind the incredible output from our team.
  • Lightningmcj: Light was one of the original set of Head Judges and bought incredible experience to the judging team that has been invaluable. He acted as a steady head as part of the team and always showed professionalism in his actions.
  • Frostty: Frostty has been our main graphic designer through the first year of existence, and is always quick to deliver top quality graphics that we need for competitions and columns, as well as being keen to improve.

Closing Remarks

To conclude the post, I wanted to finish by hearing from some of our longest serving members of CP Army HQ, a lot of whom have been with us from the start. We, of course, would not be in the position we are today without so many of our staff, including the individuals below.

Superhero, Co-founder and Engineer

What an emotional rollercoaster this year was! CPAHQ was born as an attempt to get the community back on its feet following the terrible events of January 2021. What started as a ray of hope, quickly ended up being seen by part of the community as a hall of corruption, following the incorrect handling of the March Madness tournament and the unfortunate division it caused within the community. This however didn’t deter CPAHQ from constantly seeking improvement, with the launch of many innovative projects such as Project: Conquest and the revival of History and Philosophy posting, genres that had become way less prevalent in the CPPS era CPA media websites. Progress never stopped to occur throughout the year and now, one year later, CPAHQ is at its best both in terms of post quality and quantity as well as the community aspect. I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to this project, from the graphic designers to our judges, reporters, editors and admins. I also wish that by the 2nd CPAHQ anniversary the community will be united once again under one map, regardless of whether this map will be on CPAHQ or somewhere else, and I pledge to do whatever I can to make this possible.

Crazzy, Co-founder and Head Moderator

CPAHQ as an organization was built by former CPAH advisors after the unfortunate downfall of the Army Hub. All of us had the motivation to keep the CPA community going, and create something new together as the HTML5 era began. It might not have been the best org when we started, but HQ’s grown into something so much more over time. Thank you to everyone who’s participated in the league, media, or just the overall community. Happy 1 year! ❤️

My time working at CPAHQ as a Head Judge since its inception has been incredible. I’m proud of what the organization as a whole as done, particularly because of what it stands for and because it always seeks to innovate, with ideas that have never before been pursued (such as Project: Conquest) in a community that is often too willing to stick with the status quo. But more specifically for our judging department, I’ve been very proud to say that CPAHQ has provided consistent and high-quality judging. Joining the Head Judge team was something that pulled me out of retirement, and this organization has been my only tie to the community for a while. That has given me the opportunity to meet new people and to deepen my relationships with other people that I had met before but not gotten the chance to know well. The administration throughout my time has been very accommodating and given the Head Judges everything they’ve needed to succeed and I’ve grown to not only respect them but enjoy hanging with them. Of course, though, the Head Judging team will always hold a special place in my heart as df, Amber, and Spotty are three of my closest friends in CPA. I’m grateful for what CPAHQ has done in the past year and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

Vanish, Vice-Director

Wow, it’s already been one whole year. I want to first take the time to say thank you to everyone who has been apart of or helped this community. CPAHQ has grown to something we all never expected an are all thankful for that. So many amazing moments have already happened, and we’re just getting started!

Todoro, Longest Serving Reporter

Since I noticed they were hiring reporters back in May, I thought I should give it a shot at it. In my first week as a reporter, I had got two posts out. I almost didn’t know what i was doing back then as I was learning on how to write better. Since then I have written over 50+ posts for CPAHQ. I have also gained reporter of the month not once but twice, and reporter of the year (for best reporter). After a few months of being a reporter, I had applied for JIT and I am now an official judge. I Just want to say happy one year CPAHQ and hope to see more from you guys in the future. Don’t know where i would be without you guys. Keep on doing a good job for the community! :HeartsBlue:

Aaronstone, Moderator

yeah I’ve liked it so far, enjoying abusing my perms and posting memes has been real fun so heres to another year of doing so.

Df44, Reporter and Head Judge

I joined CPAHQ as a reporter in it’s very initial stage. Later applied to be a Judge and became a Head Judge in June during Project: Conquest. In my time working in CPAHQ I had the chance of meeting and working with incredible people from all around the world. One year later, I can definitely say that it has been a great journey. CPAHQ gave to the community quality in CPA journalism and provided a judging system in continuous improvement. I’m glad that I got the chance of working in CPAHQ and be involved in the media and judging part of it.

Frostty, Graphic Designer

My time in CPAHQ has been a blast and I am appreciative of you guys letting me be the gfx designer and I wish CPAHQ a good anniversary.
Thank you to all of the individuals above who took the time to send a statement for this post, it was interesting to see the impact that CPAHQ has had on a wide range of people across our community. I can not make it clear enough how proud I am of everyone involved in this organisation, and I know they will make the next year even better than the last. Here’s to CP Army Headquarters!

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