Strike Secretly: Celts Merge into Secret Service

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – The Celts of Club Penguin have recently merged into the Secret Service, following the departure of Ronaldo Vargas. What led to this decision, and what can it bring to the Secret Service?

The Celts of Club Penguin were established in June 2014 by Earthing and Bandage23. A long dormant army, they recently revived in October 2021 for the CPPS era of Club Penguin Armies. Led by Ronaldo Vargas and Glitter, the army remained silent from the media, with little notable accomplishments made throughout their latest generation.

The Celts hosting their revival event in October.

On January 16th, just mere moments after Ronaldo had departed, Glitter announced that the army would be merging into the Secret Service. While there is no official reasoning stated in their announcement, it can be assumed that the merge stems from a lack of activity within the army.

Glitter announcing the merge into the Secret Service.

To learn more about the merge, the Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Glitter – the last known leader of the Celts.

It’s surprising to see your army merged into SS, is this due from the lack of activity?

It’s because of inactivity and Ronaldo retiring

Would you say you have any favourite moments of your time in the Celts at all?

When we declared war on Trojans

Will we be seeing you leading another army again in the future?


Could the Celts return for another generation?


Is there anything you would like to add?


There isn’t a lot of information to take from this interview, however it does seem that the Celts have made some memories during this generation. Nonetheless, the Club Penguin Army Network wish the Celts all the best in their future endeavours.

What do YOU think? Will the Celts revive again or will they lay dormant for another number of years? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord server!


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