CPAHQ Statement: Staff Misconduct

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- For too long, CPAHQ has had unresolved issues relating to staff misconduct that must be addressed.

On the 18th of January, 2022, CPAHQ released a story on former Fire Warirors leader Pranav leaving the army.  In the post, which can be read in full HERE, Pranav repeatedly mentioned disdain for two members of the army: Rach and Real.

“However, for both Real and Rach, I will keep trying to spread the word till both of them admit that they took some actions that were mistaken, and that they regret it completely. Although what Real said is unforgivable, I will stop telling others in the army community about this secretly, as soon as they both admit their mistakes to the entire army community.”

-Pranav, former Fire Warriors leader

For those uninformed on the actions of Rach, a post written by Otter/ivy on it can be read HERE.  As for Real, his unsavory comments are shown below:

The report released by CPAHQ sparked much conversation in the general chat of CPAHQ, which included some questionable messages being sent by CPAHQ staff members Sweater and Cassie:

This is in reference to Real’s messages.

Because of these messages, CPAHQ finds it absolutely necessary to terminate the positions of Rach, Real, Cassie, and Sweater.  As the leading organization in a community with a sizable population of children, these comments and situations are unacceptable for people who hold positions of power within CPAHQ.

Furthermore, I would like to personally apologize on multiple accounts.  Firstly, it is irresponsible of me to witness the messages sent by Cassie and Sweater in the general chat of CPAHQ and not take any action then and there.  Secondly, it is wrong that Rach has held a staff position at CPAHQ for so long in the first place.  Both of these situations were allowed to ferment in the community because of my lack of action.  Staff members must be held accountable, no matter what they bring to the table.  The number one thing that matters as a staff member is one’s character, not their talent.  The service that these individuals bring to CPAHQ should not grant them immunity when they are involved in situations like these.  As the Director in Chief of this organization, it is my responsibility to take proper recourse when staff members act out of order.  Bringing up the situation to the administration is simply not enough.  I must take charge of the conversation, and carry out the proper justice.  The lackadaisical attitude that CPAHQ has had towards conflicts involving our staff members totally falls on the Director in Chief position.  For that, I am truly sorry.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters is an organization that aspires to be the absolute best at what we do. I had held our conduct in high regard and these failures on our part cannot be overlooked. I feel personal responsibility for not responding to the situation with Rach as adequately as I should have, she should not have continued as a staff member of this organization. The fault is on DMT and myself, as the Directors of this media conglomerate. As all members of our staff serve as our representatives it is our responsibility to ensure the conduct of those within the organization is to an acceptable standard. I am immensely sorry that this behavior was allowed to continue and that certain individuals remained present in our staff. This will not be the case moving forward.

– Sidie9, CPAHQ Director in Chief

Going forward, CPAHQ will prioritize holding staff members accountable.  We simply cannot label ourselves as the organization that “innovates for the community” while possessing archaic tendencies when it comes to dealing with staff misconduct, especially in the domain of grooming.  Let this post serve as a precedent: CPAHQ has a zero-tolerance policy for condoning such behaviors.

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    Good job DMT! I support you and Sidie’s leadership in this community.

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    Red Pilled

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