Another One Bites the Dust: Templars and Red Ravagers War Ends in Force Treaty

JERUSALEM, Templars of Club PenguinYesterday, The Templars continued their winning streak as their war with the Red Ravagers officially came to an end with a force treaty, just twelve days after it begun. What terms did The Templars establish against the Ravagers, and what do both armies think about the war?

The war between the Templars and the Red Ravagers broke out on January 7th when the Templars unexpectedly announced their declaration of war. The Templars wasted no time, as they officially begun the war on January 8th with a successful invasion of Spicy Italian Bread Water. Once they begun, nothing could stop the Templars as they went on and invaded two more of the Ravager’s servers, Ravvy Forest and Poncho Forest. After losing three servers, the Red Ravager’s decided to fight back, scheduling an invasion for Syracuse. However, RR went into battle with strong will and no fear. Despite this, their invasion was deemed  as invalid due to their size maxing below ten.

Red Ravagers Invasion of Syracuse.

The Templars then proceeded to continue on their path to victory, invading both Sammi’s Bottlecap and Gary’s Hamsterball. The Templars ended the war on January 19th by successfully invading Red Ravager’s capital, Snowbound, allowing the Templars to declare a force treaty on the Red Ravagers. The terms of the treaty are as shown below:

The Treaty terms

The Templars were created by Xing on April 4, 2018. Since then, they’ve become one of the largest major armies of the current time. They have established a regular spot in the top three armies of the week. They have also made a name for themselves in tournaments, by reaching the Champions Cup VI finals and the Christmas Chaos XI semifinals. Just last week, the Templars won the 2022 New Year’s Bonanza, beating the likes of Help Force, Water Vikings and Special Tactics and Weapons.

The Red Ravagers were founded by Maxine and Honda in May 2020. The Ravagers experienced a brief closure from late 2020 until early 2021, and ever since they have been an active part of the s/m community. Last year, the Red Ravagers took part in both the first and second Silver Rush Wars as part of the Vengeance Alliance. Recently, they returned to the Top Ten last week where they placed 13th.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters were able to reach out to Xing and BoMoBuddy to get their thoughts about the war.

What are your thoughts on the war?

Xing: good war

BoMoBuddy: It was a waste of everybody’s time, but I’m glad they could prove that they have the bigger balls and “earn” what they were greedy for.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Xing:  just this.

BoMoBuddy: Lets see who Templars declares on next

Another war has ended with a Templars victory, as they continue to make their way around the server map. However, the community did not have to wait long to see what plans the Templars had in-store next, as a short while ago they just announced an invalid declaration on the Water Vikings. With a limitless server map, and multiple treaties coming to an end, what can we expect to see unfold in the upcoming weeks?

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